This Utah County is Known as the “World’s Weed Capital”


Although Utah is known for having traditional values and strict rules, it is making a name for itself in the weed business.

Summit County Highest Cannabis Use

According to data, Summit County is Utah’s major cannabis usage center. According to a 2019 Utah Department of Health research, 10.5% of people in Summit County reported using cannabis recently, making it the county with the highest percentage of current adult marijuana usage.

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Utah Cannabis Views Change

Summit County’s popularity as Utah’s cannabis hub reflects a wider trend of shifting views toward cannabis use across the state.

The legalization of medicinal marijuana has played an important part in this development. While recreational marijuana usage remains illegal, medical cannabis use is progressively gaining acceptance.

Summit County’s ascent as Utah’s cannabis powerhouse reflects the state’s changing cannabis scene. With shifting views and legislation, the future growth of Utah’s cannabis business is worth monitoring.

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