This South Carolina Town Has Been Taking the Crown for the Most Violent in The State


South Carolina, noted for its charm and beauty, has a darker side to several of its communities. Recent statistics have thrown light on the state’s most dangerous neighborhoods, indicating worrying levels of violent crime. Among these cities, one stands out for the sad distinction of being South Carolina’s most violent.

Understanding Statistics

Several sources have identified different cities as the most dangerous in South Carolina. According to Southwest Journal, Orangeburg is the most hazardous city in the state. However, according to PropertyClub data, Myrtle Beach is the leading contender for this unnerving title. These disparities highlight the widespread prevalence of violence in South Carolina’s urban neighborhoods.

Unveiling the Threat Within

Looking further into FBI data, North Charleston appears as a major hotspot for violent crime. Despite its gorgeous exterior, this city struggles with high crime rates, which degrade its reputation.

Similarly, Orangeburg, also known as “The Garden City,” has a harsher reality beneath its attractive veneer. These discoveries provide a sobering picture of the obstacles that residents and government face in preventing crime.

The Aftermath After Dusk

As darkness comes, certain areas of South Carolina change into high-risk zones. The veil of darkness falls over these locations, heightening concerns about safety and security. Residents navigate an environment where danger lurks around every turn, emphasizing the critical necessity for community vigilance and police involvement.

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Crime Statistics

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, the most dangerous cities in South Carolina are:

  • North Charleston Orangeburg
  • Myrtle Beach Greenwood
  • Walterboro Anderson
  • Columbia
  • Sumter Aiken
  • Hilton Head Island

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These data portray a bleak image of South Carolina’s violent crime landscape, with communities like North Charleston and Orangeburg leading the pack in terms of violent crime rates.


To summarize, South Carolina’s charm and beauty mix with a troubling reality, as certain cities have heightened levels of violent crime. Disparities in various assessments show the broader issue, with North Charleston and Orangeburg emerging as major hotspots. The gloomy crime statistics highlight the problems people and government confront in creating safer neighborhoods.

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