This Place is Known as Wisconsin’s Most Haunted Place


Wisconsin, a state well-known for its cheese, breweries, and breathtaking scenery, has a terrifying side full of abandoned buildings, spooky roads, and spectral presences. Of all of these, Dartford Cemetery is the state’s most haunted location.

The Dartford Cemetery’s History

Dartford Cemetery, which is located at 431 North St., Green Lake, WI 54941, may have a garden-like appearance, but its peaceful exterior conceals its reputation as one of the most haunted cemeteries in Wisconsin.

Chief Highknocker is the well-known ghost that haunts this place. He drowned tragically in 1911 while trying to swim over a river on his way to Green Lake. This was a sacred spot to the Native Americans.

The Haunted Inhabitants

In addition to Chief Highknocker, tourists have claimed to have seen soldiers from the American Civil War parading around the graveyard. There have also been several reports of paranormal activity, such as shadow figures, mysterious noises, and light orbs.

When guests sit atop a mausoleum on the cemetery’s southern side, something special happens. There is a legend that states the ghost of a kid buried there will force anyone perched there off.

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In summary

With its spooky stories and reported ghost sightings, Dartford Cemetery has acquired its reputation as the most haunted location in Wisconsin. Visit this place if you’re interested in the paranormal or thrill-seeking; you’re sure to have an experience that will chill you to the bone. Just keep in mind that you should consider yourself warned when the cheese curds start flying!

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