The Awful but Amazing Reason Why You Have Crust in Your Eyes Every Morning


Sleep is most people’s favorite part of the day. Getting up the next morning, not so much. As your alarm goes off, the corners of your eyes become covered in yellow goo, which might make things worse.

Have you ever wondered what this crust, sometimes referred to as ‘ sleep in our eyes’, is?

The natural occurrence is pretty nasty to discuss, yet it is something we can all identify with.

You may flick it away when you wake up, or it may be removed when you wash your face, but we get rid of it anyway.

A TikTok video has explained exactly what the yellow gloop is and why it occurs especially as we sleep.

Andrew Huberman explains, “If you’ve ever woken up in the morning and had crust on your eyes.

“And you know that crust, that yellowy thing, which is occasionally yellow, I know this is horrible.

“That’s dead microorganisms that your eyes effectively killed while you slept.

“So when you wipe those away, you’re taking the casualties of a war that you won during your night’s sleep and you’re whisking those away.”

More or less, when you wake up in the morning and wipe away the crust in your eyes, you are disposing of the deceased invaders who ventured to disrupt your body’s health.

Medical News Today and the Cleveland Clinic explain that the crust in your eyes is made up of dead skin cells, debris, dust, oil, and mucus. Lovely.

When we are awake, we blink away all of this unpleasantness, but when we sleep, it all accumulates, congeals, and dries up, ready for us to deal with in the morning.

It’s unpleasant, yet necessary for keeping our eyes clean and healthy.

People were genuinely stunned when they discovered the explanation for the crust, writing multiple comments on TikTok.

One of them said, “I refuse to lose even when I’m sleeping.”

Another user correctly stated: “Starting the day with a victory.”

A third person commented, “When I was in kindergarten, I put them in my tea,” followed by a skull emoji.

That user made an even more terrible admission, but I suppose we were all children once.

That should be a motivator for everyone, so that as you sleep, your body continues to fight for you, allowing you to recuperate and be ready for the day ahead.

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