This Place Is Known As Kansas’s Most Haunted Place


Kansas is a state well-known for its wide plains, farmland, and historical sites. However, it also has a sinister side that draws thrill-seekers and aficionados of the paranormal. Of all the haunted locations in Kansas, Atchison is the one that sticks out as the most paranormal.

Atchison’s Past

Situated beside the Missouri River in Kansas’ northeastern corner is the little town of Atchison. It was named for David Rice Atchison, a well-known pro-slavery U.S. senator from Missouri, who was founded in 1854 by pro-slavery residents. Particularly throughout the Civil War and the railroad era, Atchison served as a significant hub for trade and transportation. Amelia Earhart, the well-known aviator who vanished over the Pacific Ocean in 1937, was also born there.

But Atchison also has a more sinister past that has left a lot of uneasy memories in its wake. Numerous violent episodes, including lynchings, murders, fires, and floods, occurred in the town. Atchison was a thriving and successful town in the late 19th and early 20th century, when many of these tragedies took place. There are rumors that some of the victims of these incidents haunt the locations of their tragic deaths.

Atchison’s Haunted Places

There are a lot of haunted locations in Atchison, including historic structures, cemeteries, and natural sights. Among Atchison’s most well-known haunted locations are:

The Sallie House is a 20th-century home that was once owned by a physician who operated out of his basement. Legend has it that he operated on a little girl named Sallie without using anesthesia, and she died there. Her ghost is reputed to haunt the house with other spirits and has a violent and malevolent reputation. The home is available for tours and overnight stays, and it has appeared on numerous ghost hunting programs.

Molly’s Hollow is a park that was originally a hollow that was home to a big tree. According to folklore, Molly was a black girl dating a white boy, but the prejudiced villagers rejected their union. One evening, they killed Molly by hanging her from the tree. In the 1980s, a nearby foundry filled in the tree, where her ghost is rumored to still hang. Visitors to the site assert that they have seen her apparition and heard her screaming.

The Gargoyle House is a Victorian home constructed in 1884 by B.P. Waggener, a prosperous businessman. The gargoyles and other monstrous features that adorn the mansion give it a gloomy look. The ghosts of Waggener and his family, who passed away inexplicably, are rumored to haunt the mansion. There are also rumors that the home has hidden chambers and passageways where heinous rituals and killings have occurred.

Another Victorian home, the McInteer Villa was constructed in 1889 by the well-known McInteer family. The McInteer family, who resided there until 1965, is rumored to have ghosts haunt the house. The soul of Sarah McInteer, who passed away at the house in 1935, is believed to be the most active. She has a reputation for moving things, creating noises, and pulling practical jokes. Both tours and overnight stays are welcome at the residence.

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In Summary

In addition to having a great and rich past, Atchison is known for its sinister and paranormal past. This location draws a lot of people that are interested in the weird and paranormal. Atchison is not for the timid, but for those with the guts to discover its mysteries, it provides a singular and remarkable experience. Indeed, the most haunted place in Kansas is Atchison.

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