This Place Has Been Called Oregon’s Most Haunted Place

This Place Has Been Called Oregon's Most Haunted Place

Some of the most well-known haunted houses, eerie highways, and terrifying haunts in the United States may be found in Oregon. But one area in particular sticks out as being the most haunted in Oregon: the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse’s History

Perched atop a rocky cliff with a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean, the Heceta Head Lighthouse was constructed in 1894. It bears the name Bruno de Heceta in honor of the Spanish explorer who traveled the Oregon coast in 1775. German architect Carl W. Leick, who also created several other lighthouses in the area, was responsible for designing the lighthouse. Standing at a height of 56 feet, the lighthouse features a 21-mile-distance Fresnel lens. The U.S. Coast Guard is responsible for maintaining this functioning lighthouse.

A former assistant lightkeeper’s home, now a bed and breakfast, is also located near the lighthouse. The six rooms in the 1893-built home each have a private bathroom and an ocean outlook. The home welcomes guests with a gourmet breakfast, wine and cheese socials, plus antiques and old photographs.

The Lighthouse’s Haunting

Rue, a kindly ghost thought to be the apparition of a woman who resided in the lighthouse during the early 1900s, is reported to haunt the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Rue is said to have had a daughter who passed away in infancy and was buried on the property. Rue never got over her loss and was left distraught. Her soul stayed in the house after she passed away, looking for her kid.

Both visitors and employees of the bed and breakfast have claimed to hear voices, footsteps, laughter, and tears within the property, among other paranormal occurrences. A woman wearing a gray dress has been seen by some, while others have felt a light touch on their shoulder or hair. Some have reported smelling baked bread or fresh flowers in the kitchen. Some have even discovered items in their rooms altered or moved or noticed messages from Rue written on windows or mirrors.

Rue, who enjoys keeping an eye on the light and the guests, is rumored to be haunting the lighthouse itself. Some have felt a warm hug in the lighthouse or seen her silhouette in the tower window. Some have noticed her face reflected in the lens, or heard her humming or speaking in their ears. Some people have even recorded her visage on film or with a camera.

The Lighthouse’s Mysteries

Not only is the Heceta Head Lighthouse enigmatic, but it’s also a haunted location. The lighthouse and its past are riddled with mystery and unsolved questions. Who was Rue, for instance, and what was her true name? What was the name of her daughter and where was she buried? When and how did Rue pass away? What makes her haunt the house and lighthouse? How can we help her, and what does she want?

Here are a few of the queries that both the crew and tourists to the Heceta Head Lighthouse find intriguing. Rue has remained mysterious and elusive despite numerous attempts to get in touch with her and learn more about her story. Some people think she is a kind spirit that wishes to shield and console the visitors as well as the lighthouse. Some believe she is a restless spirit in need of resolution and tranquility. Some even go so far as to say that she is not a ghost at all but rather a lingering spirit or a product of popular culture.

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In Summary

The Heceta Head Lighthouse is a mysterious, historically significant location. Thousands of people visit this location each year in order to take in the breathtaking scenery, discover historical details, and have paranormal experiences. It is a location with a tale to tell, one that is ever-developing. It is reputed to be the most haunted location in Oregon and possibly the most haunted location nationwide.

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