There Is An Abandoned Town In South Dakota That Most People Are Unaware Of


Amidst its prosperous past, South Dakota, a state renowned for its varied landscapes and rich history, conceals a tragic story of abandonment. Many of the state’s once-thriving towns are now only eerie shadows of their former glory, lost to the passage of time and memory. One such forgotten location is the sarcastically called town of Scenic, which falls short of justifying its bucolic name.

The Origins and Fall of Scenic

When Scenic was founded in 1906 as a major railroad stop for visitors heading to the Black Hills, it had about 200 residents at its height. With a bar, post office, dance hall, railroad depot, and several shops, the town also promoted peaceful cohabitation between the large Native American populace and the settlers.

But Scenic’s success was short-lived. Struggling with water scarcity and arid circumstances, cultivation became problematic, resulting to frequent fires. Its reputation was further damaged by scandal and controversy, including the marriage of the superintendent of schools to a ninth-grader and the proprietor of the bar to a man accused of murder. The town’s problems were made worse by the Great Depression, and by the 1940s, Scenic had been abandoned and was reduced to a lonely ghost town.

The Current Scenic Situation

After being abandoned for decades, Scenic was in terrible condition until the Iglesia ni Cristo, a group with headquarters in the Philippines, purchased it in 2011 for $799,000. Even after purchasing the town, the church decided not to refurbish or restore any buildings. These days, Scenic resembles a scene from a horror movie, complete with rusty cars, strewn animal skulls, and decaying buildings. There are occasional glimpses of life in the town during improvised church services at a small chapel.

One of the most deserted towns in South Dakota is Scenic, a historical artifact that is seldom known outside of academia. Its barren terrain stands in sharp contrast to the state’s scenic splendor and rich cultural legacy, providing a moving reminder of the struggles that earlier generations of residents had to endure. Even though Scenic provides visitors with an intriguing and unsettling experience, it might not be appropriate for individuals who are easily frightened.

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In Summary

In conclusion, South Dakota, a state renowned for its varied topography and historical narratives, conceals a chilling story of desertion among the ruins of once-vibrant communities. Founded in 1906 as an important railroad stop, Scenic had 200 residents and a range of amenities that encouraged settlers and Native Americans to live together. But problems like a lack of water, fires, scandals, and the Great Depression contributed to Scenic’s downfall; by the 1940s, it was an abandoned ghost town.

The town was purchased by the Iglesia ni Cristo in 2011, but they decided not to renovate its run-down buildings. Scenic is still a terrifying scene of decay today, with collapsing buildings, rusting automobiles, and animal skeletons strewn about. Scenic’s desolation, despite its historical significance, is a sobering reminder of previous difficulties and provides a frightening experience for those who venture into its spooky surroundings.

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