This is the Craziest Beach in Hawaii That Will Give You Goosebumps


Hawaii is well-known for its beautiful beaches, yet many of them do not give the calm paradise that one might expect. Some of them have a more nefarious and mystical past, making them seem more fitting for the setting of a horror film than a calm vacation spot. Among these is Shipwreck Beach, which is located on the remote island of Lanai.

Creepy Story of the Beach

Shipwreck Beach, also known as Kaiolohia Beach, is located along Lanai’s rugged northern coast. This length of coastline is eight miles long. Many shipwrecks can be found in the shallow waters and along the rocky shoreline, hence the name of this location.

Lanai was operated as a penal colony and plantation island throughout the nineteenth century, during which time several of these shipwrecks were discovered. The most prominent of these accidents is the YOGN-42, a concrete oiler constructed during WWII that ran aground in 1948. Since then, it has gradually disappeared as a result of environmental factors.

What Makes Shipwreck Beach so Creepy?

The Shipwreck Beach is also a final resting place for human and animal carcasses, as well as a location where ships are laid to rest. According to local legend, the beach is haunted by the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors who died in a tragic battle on the island.

According to one source, these warriors continue to defend the sacred sites and burial grounds scattered around the shore. Pele, the Hawaiian goddess, is claimed to be enraged by strangers’ exploitation of the island’s resources and loss of its culture, and some say she has cursed the beach as a result.

The beach is home to a robust colony of feral cats, which feed on the dead bodies of seabirds, turtles, and seals that wash up on the shore, adding to the eerie mood. Furthermore, these cats are commonly seen prowling the beach at night, which adds to the spooky atmosphere. The presence of insects such as centipedes, flies, and mosquitoes makes the environment unattractive for visitors.

The Uneasy Path to the Beach

The rough and gravel road that leads to Shipwreck Beach makes getting there difficult. To get there, you’ll need four-wheel drive. Even though this road is routinely plagued by flooding and washouts, there are no signs or amenities to assist passengers.

Furthermore, the beach itself is unsuitable for swimming or snorkeling since the waters are hazy and littered with sharp coral and shattered pieces of rubbish. Strong gusts and waves make it risky for kayakers and boaters.


In conclusion, Shipwreck Beach on Lanai is a hauntingly unique site rooted in history and local legend. Its craggy beauty and shipwreck ruins tell of a tragic and mysterious past. The difficult access and wild character of the beach add to its attractiveness, making it a spot that captures the imagination and provides a dramatic contrast to the traditional tranquil Hawaiian beach experience. It serves as a reminder of the power of nature as well as the rich cultural roots that run throughout the Hawaiian islands.

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