This Iowan Ghost Town Will Give You The Shivers


Iowa, known for its farmland, cornfields, and kind people, has a hidden gem that few people know about: ghost towns. Once thriving and inhabited, these communities are now witnessing abandonment and degradation as a result of many events such as natural disasters, economic downturns, social changes, or political instability. Some have completely disappeared, while others have preserved remnants of their history in the form of buildings or relics. This article explores Buckhorn, one of the creepiest and most fascinating ghost towns in Iowa.

Buckhorn: An Overview of the Past

Buckhorn was founded as a cooperative farming community in the late 1800s and is located in Jackson County, right off Highway 64. People coexisted in peace and wealth by sharing land, crops, and earnings. The stagecoach, bar, blacksmith, hotel, and other merchants were all present in the town. But when a large dairy farm bought the village in 1960, it caused a mass migration. Locals sold their houses, and Buckhorn ended up abandoned, with many buildings either destroyed or allowed to fall apart.

The Persistent Ghosts of Buckhorn

With a few abandoned buildings, Buckhorn is currently one of Iowa’s most fascinating and eerie ghost towns. Important websites to check out are:

The Church: Built in 1898, the church functioned as a place of worship and a hub for the neighborhood. The exterior is white wood with a red metal roof and a tall steeple, but the interior is dusty and vacant, with remnants of its previous use. The old residents of Buckhorn are buried in the nearby cemetery.

The Buckhorn Creamery was built in 1902 and processed local milk and cream, serving as the town’s proud source of income. The creamery is a big brick structure with a metal roof and chimney. Despite its current state of disrepair, the interior still has traces of its former splendor.

The Old Cemetery: The mysterious old cemetery is perched on a hill overlooking the town. It is overrun with wildflowers and weeds, and on its worn tombstones, some of which are damaged or unreadable. There is a legend that the spirit of a woman who was buried alive haunts the cemetery.

Why Go to Buckhorn

Buckhorn offers a trip through Iowa’s past and culture in an eerie yet intriguing atmosphere. It encourages exploration, discovery, and imagination in visitors, helping them to appreciate the mystery and beauty of deserted locations. Buckhorn calls to those looking for a singular adventure. But be careful—going alone or at night might not be for the weak of heart.

Statistical Data:

Aspect Description
Location Jackson County, Iowa, off Highway 64
Foundation The late 1800s
Historical Functionality Cooperative farming community
Key Features Stagecoach, bar, blacksmith, hotel, church, creamery
Events Leading to Abandonment In 1960, a large dairy farm purchased the village, leading to mass migration, house sales, and abandonment. Many buildings were either destroyed or left to decay.
Current State Abandoned ghost town with remnants of buildings
Notable Buildings – The Church (Built-in 1898, white wood exterior, red metal roof, tall steeple) – The Buckhorn Creamery (built 1902, big brick structure with a metal roof and chimney) – The Old Cemetery (Overlooking the town, with worn tombstones)
Significance Buckhorn provides a glimpse into Iowa’s past and culture, offering an eerie and intriguing atmosphere. Encourages exploration and imagination, appreciating the mystery and beauty of deserted locations.
Legend The old cemetery has a legend of a woman buried alive, whose spirit is believed to haunt the grounds.
Visitor Caution Exploring Buckhorn alone or at night is not recommended for the faint of heart.

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In Summary

Once a prosperous farming cooperative community, Buckhorn was abandoned in the 1960s and is now one of Iowa’s most fascinating ghost towns. Discovering its ruins, such as the church, creamery, and old cemetery, is a source of awe and fear at the same time. For those who are willing to explore the mysteries of a bygone era, this singular and thrilling adventure is waiting for them. We hope this post provides insightful information, and we welcome your questions and comments. I appreciate you reading, and I hope you find Buckhorn’s ghost stories as fascinating as I have.

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