The Wyoming City Has Been Named as The Most Stressed City


Even though Wyoming is renowned for its natural beauty and laid-back way of life, there are still areas where people feel stressed out. A recent Zippia study revealed that Cheyenne is the most stressed-out city in the state.

How Was The Research Carried Out

Utilizing data from the American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau, Zippia took into account variables like the percentage of residents without health insurance, the divorce rate, the income, the commute time, the unemployment rate, and population density. Every city was assigned a score for every factor, and the final ranking was derived from the sum of the scores.

Why Is The Most Stressed-out City In Wyoming, Cheyenne

The state capital, Cheyenne, had the highest overall score of 17.6 on the stress scale. Cheyenne is stressed out due to a number of things:

  • 6.1% is the highest unemployment rate, above both the federal and state averages.
  • 17.3 minutes is the longest commute, longer than the state average.
  • The lowest median household income, at $54,845, is less than the state and national averages.
  • 14.2% is the highest divorce rate, a sign of both financial and emotional strain.
  • With the highest population density of 2,511 persons per square mile, it is denser than other cities in Wyoming.
  • 11.9% of residents do not have health insurance, which restricts their access to healthcare.

How Can Stress Be Reduced By Cheyenne

Even though Cheyenne is the most stressed-out city, there are things it can do to do better:

  • To decrease unemployment and boost revenue, provide job opportunities and assistance to nearby businesses.
  • To cut down on commute time, expand eco-friendly car options, and enhance public transportation.
  • Give people access to affordable housing and financial support so they can manage the high cost of living.
  • In order to solve marital and family issues and avoid divorce, provide counseling and support services.
  • Encourage leisure opportunities and green places to improve the quality of life.
  • In order to guarantee that locals have access to high-quality healthcare professionals, expand healthcare coverage.

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In conclusion, the latest Zippia survey reveals severe stress areas in Wyoming, despite the state’s reputation for natural beauty and a laid-back lifestyle. The most stressed-out city in the state is Cheyenne. The thorough study made use of information from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, taking into account variables including the population density, median household income, divorce rate, commute duration, unemployment rate, and the proportion of people living without health insurance.

Cheyenne has the greatest unemployment rate, longest commute, lowest median family income, highest divorce rate, densest population, and a noteworthy percentage of people without health insurance. These factors contribute to the city’s elevated total stress score of 17.6. Despite these obstacles, there are still ways to reduce stress, such as through fostering employment growth, enhancing transit choices, launching affordable housing projects, offering family support services, and making investments in recreational and green areas. By addressing these important issues, Cheyenne’s overall well-being and stress levels may be improved.

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