This Idaho Haunted Cemetery’s Horrifying Backstory


Even though Idaho is known for its beautiful scenery, there are plenty of ghost stories to be told. Among these, Idaho City’s Boot Hill Cemetery is well-known for being one of the most haunted places in the state. This cemetery has a haunting narrative. It is located in a former gold mining town that was once the largest metropolis in the Northwest.

The History of the Cemetery at Boot Hill

The name of Boot Hill Cemetery, which was founded in 1863 amid the prosperous and lawless period of Idaho City, came from the people buried there with their boots still on after they died of illnesses, accidents, or acts of violence. The wooden monuments on the graves list the causes of death, which can be anything from “Hanged,” “Shot,” or “Stabbed” to more enigmatic titles like “Unknown” or “Stranger.”

Notable figures like George Ives, the leader of the criminal band known as the Innocents, who wreaked havoc through robberies and murders, are also buried in the cemetery. Ives was executed in 1864 after being accused of killing a fellow miner by a vigilante gang. His grave is said to be cursed, thus people are advised not to walk on it or touch it.

Ghostly Experiences at Boot Hill Cemetery

A variety of paranormal experiences have been documented by visitors at Boot Hill Cemetery, including seeing ghosts, hearing voices from beyond the grave, feeling unexpected cold areas, and sensual smells. Among the notable apparitions are a man dressed in black who is suspected of being a gambler who was shot during a card game; a woman dressed in white who is assumed to be the ghost of a slain prostitute; and a small girl dressed in blue who is said to be the ghost of a kid who died of typhoid sickness.

Some have even taken pictures of their strange encounters, catching mists, orbs, or unexplained abnormalities. Unease, nausea, vertigo, and, in severe situations, violent attacks like scratches, bites, or pushes are also mentioned in the reports.

Deciphering Boot Hill Cemetery’s Mystery

Those drawn to Boot Hill Cemetery’s stormy and terrible past find it both captivating and unsettling. Although there is no admission fee, guests are advised to exercise caution and respect as they may come across more than they had anticipated. With its eerie background, Boot Hill Cemetery appeals to those who are willing to explore its enigmatic past rather than the weak of heart.

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In Summary

In conclusion, the eerie legends surrounding Idaho City’s Boot Hill Cemetery contrast with the state’s reputation for natural beauty. During the lawless gold mining era of 1863, when the cemetery was first established, it got its name from the people buried there with their boots still on. These people could have been victims of violence, illness, or accidents. The gloomy history of the cemetery is further enhanced by the resting places of notable people like George Ives, the head of the criminal band Innocents. Tourists claim seeing ghost sightings, strange scents, and chilly areas, among other paranormal events. Those drawn to the cemetery by its sinister past are drawn by its enigmatic past, which is chronicled through wooden grave markers, spectral appearances, and unnerving encounters. There is no admission charge, however visitors should use caution if they choose to tour Boot Hill Cemetery as it evokes feelings of both interest and unease.

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