This Hospital in Florida is One of the Creepiest Places in the State


Florida has become known for its sunny beaches, theme parks, and natural beauty. However, it also has a dark side, with several haunted and abandoned locations that draw thrill-seekers and ghost hunters. One of these locales is Orlando’s Old Orange Memorial Hospital, which has been labeled one of the state’s most haunted.

History of the Hospital

The Old Orange Memorial Hospital was constructed in 1925 as a two-story facility with 50 beds. It was Orlando’s first hospital and has served the city for more than 60 years. The hospital grew over time, adding new wings, floors, and services. It was renamed the Orlando Regional Medical Center in 1977 and relocated to a new facility in 1991.

The historic structure was abandoned and deteriorated, becoming a target for vandalism, graffiti, and arson. It was also said to be haunted by the souls of previous patients and personnel who died there. Some of the claimed paranormal activities include:

  • Hearing footsteps, voices, cries, and groans in the empty halls and rooms.
  • Seeing apparitions, shadows, and orbs through the windows and mirrors.
  • Feeling chilly spots touch, and push from invisible forces.
  • Having nausea, headaches, and dizziness while approaching specific parts of the hospital.
  • Finding bloodstains, syringes, and medical equipment around the institution.
  • Witnessing doors, windows, and lights open and close on their own.

Investigation of the Hospital

Many paranormal investigators and inquisitive tourists have examined the hospital throughout the years, trying to find proof of the supernatural. Some of the more significant inquiries are:

In 2006, a group of adolescents broke into the facility and recorded their experiences. They claimed to have come across a ghostly nurse, a demonic creature, and a possessed toy. They also discovered a pentagram and candles in one of the rooms, indicating that the facility had been used for satanic rituals. The video was shared on YouTube and became viral, bringing greater attention to the hospital.

In 2010, the Florida Ghost Team’s paranormal investigators performed an extensive study of the facility. They documented their findings using a variety of devices, including EMF meters, digital recorders, and infrared cameras. They claimed hearing voices, seeing shadows, and feeling cold patches throughout the facility. They also recorded multiple EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and photographs of abnormalities.

In 2013, the Orlando Film Project chose to film a horror movie in the hospital. They recruited actors, crew, and security guards to help in the endeavor. They quickly discovered that the hospital was more than simply a movie set. They witnessed several unusual and terrible happenings, including equipment malfunctions, items missing, and performers being hurt. They also claimed to have seen and heard things they couldn’t explain. They ultimately gave up the idea and departed the facility.


In conclusion, Florida’s lovely attractions are juxtaposed with the ominous presence of haunted sites, such as Orlando’s Old Orange Memorial Hospital. The hospital, built in 1925 and abandoned in 1991, is notorious for purported paranormal occurrences such as ghostly sightings, chilling touches, and strange phenomena. Numerous investigations, including a viral 2006 video, a 2010 study by the Florida Ghost Team, and a 2013 horror movie shoot, have all contributed to the mystique surrounding this haunted location, attracting both thrill-seekers and paranormal aficionados.

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