This Georgia City Has Broken the Record for the Highest Rate of Marijuana Consumption


Georgia is one of the few nations in the world to have legalized cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes, following a verdict by Georgia’s Constitutional Court in 2018. However, the degree of cannabis usage varies by city in Georgia. A recent poll found that Tbilisi is the most cannabis-friendly city in the country.

Tbilisi: The Cannabis Capital of Georgia

Tbilisi is Georgia’s capital and largest city, with a population of over 1.2 million. According to a 2020 poll done by the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), the city also has the highest rate of cannabis usage in the country.

The poll, which questioned 1,500 people from 12 Georgian cities, discovered that 14.2% of Tbilisi residents had used cannabis in the previous year, compared to the national average of 10.5%. Tbilisi also had the largest rate of daily cannabis users, with 4.7% of respondents admitting to consuming marijuana every day.

The poll also uncovered several intriguing information about the cannabis users in Tbilisi, including:

  • The bulk of them are men (77.4%), youth (18-34 years old, 67.9%), and educated.
  • The three most popular motives for cannabis use are relaxation (69.8%), pleasure (58.5%), and curiosity (37.7%).
  • The most popular consuming techniques are joints (76.4%), pipes (15.1%), and bongs (6.6%).
  • The average monthly cannabis consumption is 11.4 grams, which costs around 114 Georgian lari (around 35 US dollars).
  • The most common sources of cannabis are friends (66%), dealers (25.5%), and homegrown (6.6%).

Why is Tbilisi so cannabis-friendly?

Tbilisi’s high rate of cannabis usage might be attributed to several variables, including:

The legal status of cannabis. Since the Constitutional Court of Georgia declared that cannabis usage is a constitutionally protected right, cannabis users in Tbilisi have had more freedom and less fear of prosecution. The court also banned administrative fines for cannabis possession, which were a significant source of money for the police.

The cultural and historical significance of cannabis. Cannabis has a lengthy history in Georgia, having been used medicinally, religiously, and recreationally since antiquity. Cannabis was widely used in Georgian folk music and poetry, and several ancient instruments, like as the chonguri and panduri, were constructed out of hemp.

The social and economic situation of Tbilisi. Tbilisi is a city that faces several issues, including poverty, unemployment, corruption, pollution, and traffic. Cannabis may help some people cope with the stress and frustration of living in such a challenging environment. Cannabis may also create a sense of camaraderie and belonging to certain people who feel excluded or rejected by conventional culture.

What are the implications of Tbilisi’s cannabis consumption?

Tbilisi’s cannabis usage has both beneficial and bad consequences for the city and the country, including:

Positive implications include:

The potential for cannabis tourism. Tbilisi might draw more people interested in experiencing cannabis culture and the city’s distinctive features, such as the old town, thermal spas, art scene, and food. This might strengthen the local economy, resulting in additional employment and possibilities for inhabitants.

The possibilities for cannabis research and innovation. Tbilisi has the potential to become a hub for cannabis research and innovation due to its high population of cannabis users, favorable legal framework, and rich cannabis history and heritage. This might lead to the creation of new goods, services, and solutions that benefit both the cannabis business and society as a whole.

Negative implications include:

The potential health dangers of cannabis. Cannabis is not a harmless substance, and it can hurt certain users’ physical and mental health, particularly those who use it excessively, regularly, or at an early age. Some of the health hazards include respiratory issues, decreased memory and cognition, anxiety, depression, psychosis, and addiction.

The potential societal consequences of cannabis. Cannabis can have a detrimental influence on certain users’ social and personal lives, particularly those who disregard their obligations, relationships, and objectives as a result of their cannabis usage. Some of the social issues include poor academic and employment performance, family and interpersonal difficulties, legal issues, and stigma and prejudice.


Tbilisi, Georgia, stands out as the country’s cannabis capital, with the highest consumption rates, owing to cannabis’ legal status, cultural relevance, and socioeconomic issues. The city’s usage has both good and bad ramifications, providing opportunities for cannabis tourism and research while raising worries about health risks and societal repercussions. Tbilisi’s unique situation may influence its economic and cultural landscape, offering both possibilities and problems for the city and its residents.

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