This Colorado City is Smoking More Ganja Than Anywhere Else in the State


Colorado was among the first states in the United States to legalize recreational cannabis use and possession, often known as ganja, marijuana, or pot. Since 2014, the state has experienced a rise in cannabis sales, production, and usage. But which city in Colorado smokes the most marijuana?

Cannabis Use in Colorado: Statistics

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reports that cannabis consumption varies by age, gender, and geography. The most recent study from 2020 reveals that:

Approximately 18% of persons aged 18 and older reported smoking cannabis over the last 30 days, which is more than the national average of 13%.

Among those who had used cannabis in the previous 30 days, 40% reported using it daily or very daily, while 28% reported using it just once or twice.

Men were more likely than women to have used cannabis in the last 30 days (21% versus 15%).

The Denver Metro region has the highest rates of cannabis usage in the last 30 days (22%), followed by the Northwest (20%) and the Southwest (19%). The Northeast area had the lowest rates of cannabis usage in the last 30 days (11%), followed by the Southeast (13%), and the Central (15%).

Most Cannabis Consumption: Denver

Based on regional data, it is unsurprising that Denver, Colorado’s capital and most populated city, has the greatest cannabis usage. Denver is located in the Denver Metro area, which has the highest rate of cannabis usage in the previous 30 days of any region.

Denver is also home to the most cannabis retail businesses, dispensaries, and growing facilities in the state. According to Colorado Department of Revenue statistics, Denver accounted for 36% of all retail cannabis sales in 2021, followed by Boulder (9%) and Adams (8%).

Denver is also well-known for its cannabis culture and events, which include the annual 4/20 rally, the Cannabis Cup, and High Times Magazine. Several magazines, including Forbes, Thrillist, and Leafly, have named Denver one of the finest places for cannabis aficionados.

Why Denver Smokes More Marijuana Than Anywhere Else in the State?

There are several plausible reasons why Denver smokes more marijuana than anywhere else in the state, such as:

Cannabis goods and services are widely available and accessible throughout the city, providing users with a diverse variety of options and costs. Cannabis usage is socially accepted and tolerated in the city, reducing stigma and hurdles for users.

The city’s cannabis culture is diverse and creative, providing users with a feeling of belonging and identity. Some cannabis users experience health and wellness advantages such as relief from pain, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other medical issues.

Cannabis usage has recreational and entertainment benefits for certain users, including improved mood, creativity, sensory perception, and pleasure of activities.


Denver, Colorado, has the highest marijuana usage rate in the state. Denver leads in both consumption rates and retail sales, thanks to its extensive availability, rich cannabis culture, and socially acceptable atmosphere. The city’s strong cannabis sector, combined with a variety of cultural events, adds to its reputation as a marijuana enthusiast hotspot.

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