This City in Virginia Has Been Named the Most LGBTQ-Friendly City in the State


The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has named Virginia City, a historic mining town in Nevada, the state’s most LGBTQ-friendly community.

With a perfect score of 100 on the HRC’s Municipal Equality Index (MEI), the city stands out among the 94 cities worldwide that have achieved this distinction, and it is the only one in Nevada. The MEI assesses the inclusion of municipal laws, policies, and services for LGBTQ people living and working in a given location.

The Path to Recognition for Virginia City.

Virginia City’s flawless MEI score indicates its dedication to creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ citizens and tourists. The city has developed several policies and procedures to protect the rights and well-being of the LGBTQ population, including:

  • Adoption of a non-discrimination policy that addresses sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, and public facilities.
  • The city employee handbook now includes sections prohibiting discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Creating a city commission on diversity and inclusion to advise the city council on LGBTQ matters.
    The police department actively reports hate crime statistics to the FBI and engages with the LGBTQ community.
  • Provide LGBTQ information and resources on the city’s website.

Implications for the LGBT community

Virginia City’s distinction as Nevada’s most LGBTQ-friendly city is significant for the LGBTQ community, especially given the state’s history of discrimination and violence. The city’s commitment to establishing an inclusive and safe environment is consistent with its fundamental principles of diversity, inclusion, and respect.

Furthermore, Virginia City’s LGBTQ community is lively, producing different events and supporting organizations that promote LGBTQ culture and history, including:

  • The annual Virginia City Pride Festival includes a procession, live music, vendors, and speakers.
  • The Comstock LGBTQ History Project archives and preserves the experiences of LGBTQ people throughout the nineteenth-century mining boom.
  • The Rainbow Comstock Coalition promotes LGBTQ rights and offers assistance and education to LGBTQ adolescents and adults.

Inspiring Other Cities

Virginia City’s achievement of LGBTQ equality and inclusion can serve as an example and model for other cities in Nevada and abroad. It highlights the feasibility of establishing a progressive and inclusive society even in rural and conservative locations. This not only benefits LGBTQ people but also boosts the city’s economy, tourism, and reputation.

The city’s example demonstrates that LGBTQ equality and inclusion go beyond legal and regulatory issues; they are ingrained in a city’s culture and history. Virginia City recognizes and celebrates its LGBTQ legacy, recognizing the achievements and hardships of LGBTQ people who have helped define its past and present.


Virginia City in Nevada is the state’s most LGBTQ-friendly city, with a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index. The city’s proactive initiatives, like as non-discrimination legislation, a diversity and inclusion commission, and community involvement, demonstrate its support for LGBTQ rights. Virginia City’s strong LGBTQ community and events demonstrate how inclusiveness can thrive, presenting an encouraging example for other towns seeking to embrace diversity and equality.

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