This City in Minnesota Has Been Named the “Weed Smoking Capital” of the Entire State


Minnesota is noted for several things, including its lakes, winters, music culture, and progressive politics. But did you know it is also the cannabis smoking capital? And no, it is not Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Duluth. Pipestone is a tiny town located in the state’s southwestern section.

The History of Pipestone

Pipestone is called from the red stone discovered in the region, which Native Americans have used for millennia to construct ceremonial pipes. The town was formed in 1876 and grew into a railroad and agricultural powerhouse. It also boasts a rich cultural past, including the Pipestone National Monument, where tourists may view ancient petroglyphs and learn about Native American pipe-making practices.

The Rise in Weed Smoking

So, how did Pipestone become Minnesota’s pot-smoking capital? According to a recent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) survey, Pipestone County has the state’s highest percentage of marijuana usage among adults, at 22.5%. That is more than twice the state average of 10.6%, and higher than any other county in the country.

Several variables might contribute to this phenomenon. One is the availability of cannabis, which is either cultivated locally or smuggled from neighboring states such as Colorado and South Dakota. Another issue is a lack of law enforcement, with Pipestone County having just one sheriff and four deputies patrolling an area of 466 square miles. A third factor is the societal acceptability of marijuana, which is regarded as a safe and fun hobby among many locals.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Weed Smoking

Weed use in Pipestone has both beneficial and negative consequences for the community. On the one hand, pot smoking can alleviate tension, discomfort, and anxiety while also boosting creativity, mood, and social bonds. On the other side, pot smoking can impair memory, judgment, and coordination, increasing the risk of addiction, mental health issues, and legal problems.


In summary, Pipestone, Minnesota, has emerged as the state’s cannabis-smoking capital, owing to its high marijuana consumption rates. The town’s history, cultural relevance, and the availability of cannabis all contribute to this occurrence. While marijuana usage has certain apparent advantages, it also raises worries about possible negative consequences for the community.

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