This City in California Has Been Named the Most Drunkest in America


Americans drink alcohol at alarming rates, although it has far-reaching negative effects on their health and the health of society as a whole. This includes an increased risk of chronic illnesses, accidents, violence, and impaired driving, among other problems. The United States spent about $250 billion in 2010 due to consequences associated with excessive drinking, according to statistics from the CDC. A lot of individuals are drinking to drown their sorrows, deal with loneliness, and kill time since the COVID-19 epidemic.

Cities with particularly high rates of drinking and bingeing stand out among the others, but regional and state averages do differ. Using statistics from a variety of sources, this article will investigate which California city has been known as the “drunkest” in the United States.

Santa Monica: The California Drinking Capital

Santa Monica is the most intoxicated city in California, according to a survey by RoadSnacks, a company that specializes in data analysis on numerous themes. Some factors were considered in arriving at the ranking, such as the number of bars and liquor shops per population, the percentage of adults who drink to excess, and the number of arrests for driving under the influence and deaths that result from them. Among California’s 427 cities, Santa Monica ranked first when these criteria were considered. Santa Barbara, Napa, Pasadena, and Sacramento followed.

The city of Santa Monica in Los Angeles County is well-known for its stunning beaches, world-famous pier, and booming entertainment scene. Additionally, it receives millions of visitors annually. But underneath the glitz and glamour, Santa Monica has a serious problem: a lot of people abusing and addicted to alcohol. Compared to the national average of 18%, Santa Monica’s about 25.6% of adults partake in excessive drinking, according to the survey.

The city also has more bars and liquor shops per 10,000 people than the state and national norms, with 16.8 and 4.8, respectively. With 8.9 arrests and 3.7 deaths per 10,000 people, Santa Monica also has a noteworthy rate of DUI fatalities.

The Causes of Santa Monica’s High Alcohol Consumption Rates

The high rates of alcohol drinking and associated issues in Santa Monica could have several causes. Among these factors are:

Santa Monica is inhabited by a youthful, well-off, and academically inclined populace. People living in this city may be more likely to drink for social and recreational reasons due to these demographic factors. The typical household income in Santa Monica is $93,875 and 60.8% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or above. The median age is 40.4 years. All of these things could change how easy and cheap it is to get alcohol in the city.

In 2019, Santa Monica is expected to welcome 8.3 million tourists, making it a popular tourist destination. The local economy and society are affected in both good and bad ways by tourism. One negative influence is that it can increase the demand for alcohol and promote a tolerance for excessive drinking.

While on vacation, tourists may drink more than normal, which might affect locals’ drinking habits. In addition, the proliferation of drinking-related businesses like hotels, restaurants, and pubs is another way in which tourism might encourage excessive drinking.

The entertainment business, which calls Santa Monica home, is notoriously cutthroat and high-pressure, adding to the city’s reputation as a tourist mecca. The demands of performance, deadlines, uncertainty, and rejection are real for many people who work in the entertainment industry.

Some people may seek solace in alcohol as a way to cope with or alleviate these stresses; for others, it may become an addiction in and of itself. The industrial culture may also normalise or romanticize heavy drinking, thus some people may drink to fit in.

Santa Monica may suffer from a lack of education and initiatives aimed at preventing underage drinking, despite the significant costs and frequency of the problem. While 22.4% of county residents and 24.9% of state residents had alcohol screening and short intervention in the last year, just 13.5% of Santa Monica adults did so, according to a data from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

This indicates that many people who drink to excess may not get enough help or may not be completely aware of the dangers. The availability and accessibility of alcohol may also be diminished if rules about it, such as the minimum legal drinking age, alcohol taxation, and the density of alcohol outlets, are not adequately enforced and regulated.


Santa Monica, California, has the unfortunate honor of being known as the “drunkest” city in the state due to its high rates of excessive drinking, DUI arrests, and deaths caused by these crimes. The difficulties associated with alcohol are multi-faceted, including demographics, the influence of the tourist and entertainment industries, and the possibility of insufficient preventative programs. An all-encompassing strategy incorporating education, legislation, and support services is necessary to tackle these difficulties.

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