This Beach in Florida Has Been One of the Creepiest Places in the State


Florida is known for its bright beaches, theme parks, and natural attractions, but it also has a dark side. Along its magnificent coastline are some of the most eerie and intriguing locations, with legends of specters, swashbucklers, and monsters aplenty. One of these interesting locations is Huguenot Memorial Park, a coastal refuge in Jacksonville with a history of unexplained sightings and strange situations.

Ghostly Inhabitants of Huguenot Memorial Park

Huguenot Memorial Park, a popular camping, fishing, and swimming spot, is also known for its alleged hauntings, with various ghost visitors claimed throughout the years:

The Lady in White: An ethereal lady clad in flowing white clothes is claimed to roam the beach at night, occasionally accompanied by a child. According to legend, she is the spirit of a woman who tragically drowned on her wedding day in the 1800s.
The Pirate Captain: A spectral mariner dressed in pirate trappings who may be seen strolling over the park grounds, armed with a sword and accompanied by a spectral parrot. He is thought to be the spirit of a pirate captain who hid his wealth on the island only to die at the hands of his wicked crew.
The Drowning Victims: Several apparitions of people who drowned or were killed by sharks in the seas around the park. These wet and bloodstained specters are reported to try to entice unsuspecting travelers into the abyss.

The Enigma of Huguenot Memorial Park

Beyond its phantom residents, Huguenot Memorial Park conceals an intriguing mystery that has evaded resolve. In 1974, two young ladies, Cheryl Martin and Sandra Colley, went missing after visiting the park with their boyfriends. Their corpses were never discovered, and the identity of the offender is still unknown, making this one of Florida’s most perplexing unsolved murder cases.

Conjectures concerning the women’s fate range from the participation of a serial murderer targeting young couples nearby to the possibility of kidnapping by a cult or drug cartel. Some believe they may have experienced something otherworldly or alien within the park’s limits.

The Unsettling Aura of Huguenot Memorial Park

Huguenot Memorial Park is not for the faint of heart, especially at night, since it emits an unsettling atmosphere. Several elements contribute to its unpleasant nature:

Isolation: Because the park is located on a barrier island, access is limited to a bridge or ferry, leaving it cut off from the trappings of society. Marshes, trees, and water surround it, increasing the sensation of isolation.
Historical Tragedy: The park’s grounds originally housed a French Huguenot settlement that was massacred by Spanish forces in 1565. Although the park was named in their honor, others think the fallen’s spirits are still present.
Wildlife: Alligators, snakes, spiders, and mosquitoes abound at Huguenot Memorial Park and may represent a concern to those who come. Sharks, jellyfish, and stingrays call its seas home, adding to the risk.


Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville, Florida, is famed for its natural beauty but also includes frightening legends of the Lady in White and a spectral pirate captain. The inexplicable disappearance of two young ladies in 1974 contributes to its ominous reputation. Isolation, historical sorrow, and unique animals all add to the park’s eerie atmosphere, particularly at night.

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