This Abandoned Park in West Virginia is One of the Most Haunted Places in the Country


Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, located in the heart of Mercer County, West Virginia, serves as a haunting reminder of a bygone era. Established in 1926, the park was once a thriving hub of laughter and joy. However, beneath its bright exterior hid a terrible past that ultimately led to its abandonment.

Land of Tragedy

Since 1783, the site on which Lake Shawnee was built has been immersed in sadness. It became the location of a bloody confrontation between the region’s first European settler, Mitchell Clay, and a band of Shawnee Native Americans, which resulted in the terrible deaths of Clay’s children. This tragedy signaled the start of the land’s dark history.

The Creation of an Amusement Park

Conley T. Snidow, an entrepreneur, repurposed the area into an amusement park to distract from its gloomy heritage. The park immediately became a neighborhood favorite, with attractions including a Ferris wheel, swing rides, and a swimming pool. However, the delight was short-lived, as the park was the scene of multiple incidents, including a small kid drowning and a girl dying on the swing ride.

The Park’s Decline

Following these instances, the park’s popularity declined, prompting its closure in 1967 due to a failed health inspection. Despite briefly reopening in 1987, it was permanently closed in 1988 owing to increased insurance costs. The land was allowed to deteriorate, becoming a ghostly shell of its former glory.

A Haunted Attraction

The discovery of Native American artifacts and tombs in the early 1990s transformed the abandoned park into a popular archeological site. This earned the park a reputation for being haunted, with stories of paranormal activity drawing thrill-seekers and ghost hunters.

Media Spotlight

The media focused on the park’s creepy atmosphere and haunted reputation. It has been on television shows such as “Scariest Places on Earth” and “Most Terrifying Places in America,” cementing its reputation as one of the country’s creepiest spots.

Final Words

Finally, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park in Mercer County, West Virginia, is a heartbreaking reminder of a tumultuous past, from the fatal conflict between Mitchell Clay and Shawnee Native Americans in 1783 to the unfortunate incidents that blighted the amusement park era. Abandoned and haunted, the park’s spooky attraction has attracted national attention through media portrayals, cementing its reputation as one of America’s most disturbing sites.

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