Thinking of Moving? 14 Reasons Why ALABAMA Might Not Be Your Ideal Destination


Are you considering trading in your current digs for some sweet Southern charm? Before you pack your bags for Alabama, let’s take a fun look at its oddities and problems. Here are 14 reasons why this sweltering, football-crazed state may make you reconsider your decision!

Alabama offers its own set of distinct sensations, from suffocating humidity and tornadoes to sweet tea overdose and steamy mornings. Whether you’re ready to embrace eerie legend or remain perpetually frightened, this state offers surprises for you. So, roll tide or war eagle, and let us discover Dixie’s heart!

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1. Humidity Hell!

If you enjoy feeling enveloped in a damp blanket, Alabama’s suffocating humidity is ideal for you. Otherwise, be prepared to sweat like never before.

2. Football Fever

Roll Tide, or War Eagle? Pick a side, because football is virtually a religion in this town, and everyone has an opinion.

3. Boring Beaches

Sure, Gulf Shores is great, but don’t anticipate year-round beach weather. It’s hardly a tropical paradise.

4. Bizarre Bugs

Alabama’s insect population, which includes gigantic mosquitoes and ferocious fire ants, is constantly ready to attack, sting, or disturb you.

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5. Tornado Terrors

Tornadoes are a normal part of life. Storm tracking and figuring out the quickest way to the nearest shelter could be your new hobby.

6. Sweet Tea Overload

Everything here is sweet, including the tea. If you prefer your drinks without a pound of sugar, you may be out of luck.

7. Country Roads

Prepare to drive everywhere. Because public transportation is quite limited, your car will become your best friend.

8. Muggy Mornings

Those gorgeous southern mornings are typically accompanied by dense fog and sticky weather. Your hair won’t have a chance.

9. Southern Drawl

Although the accent is attractive, it can be difficult to grasp the words. Prepare to say “pardon?” a lot.

10. Allergy Alley

Alabama’s abundant foliage indicates a pollen-rich spring. Stock up on allergy medicine and Kleenex.

11. Barbecue Battles

Do you prefer your BBQ a certain way? Too awful! Alabama has its flair, and barbecue discussions are as hot as the grills.

12. Humidity Hair

Frizz is more than a terrible hair day; it’s a way of life. Your straightener will work overtime.

13. Local Lore

Alabama’s folklore, including stories of haunted plantations and Bigfoot encounters, is fascinating. Accept the frightening stories or remain perpetually scared out.

14. Church Central

If you are not a churchgoer, you may feel out of place. Sunday services are a huge social occasion, and churches are ubiquitous.


Thinking of relocating to Alabama? Before making the transfer, think about these unique qualities. From suffocating humidity to fervent football fandom, the state provides distinct experiences. Prepare for steamy mornings, sweet tea overload, and encounters with strange bugs. Embrace local legends or you’ll be haunted for life. Alabama offers surprises for you, whether you’re ready to roll the tide or war eagle!

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