These Five Most Dangerous Gangs Are Taking Over Ohio


Ohio has a rich history, culture, and economy. However, it also has a major crime and violence issue, which is exacerbated by the presence and activity of gangs. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most deadly gangs sweeping over Ohio, as well as the influence they have on the areas where they operate.

1. 2hunnid

2hunnid is a street gang founded in Dayton, Ohio, in the early 2010s. 2hunnid is a subsection of the Bloods, a national gang founded in Los Angeles in the 1970s. 2hunnid is noted for its ferocity, anger, and disregard for authority.

2hunnid is involved in a variety of crimes, including auto theft, burglary, robbery, and shooting. 2hunnid members may be identified by their red attire, bandanas, and jewelry. 2hunnid has been a big cause of concern in Montgomery County, where it has been linked to several car thefts and violent crimes.

2. MS-13

MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, is a transnational gang that formed in Los Angeles in the 1980s and has since expanded around the world, including Ohio. MS-13 is infamous for its violence, ruthlessness, and participation in a wide range of crimes, including murder, rape, extortion, drug trafficking, and people trafficking.

MS-13 members are immediately recognized because of their unique tattoos, which frequently cover their faces and bodies. MS-13 has a significant presence in Columbus, where it has battled with rival gangs and law officials.

3. Hell’s Angels

Hells Angels is a motorcycle club that began in California in 1948 and has since expanded into a global organization with branches in other countries. Hells Angels is classified as an outlaw motorcycle club because it participates in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, arms smuggling, racketeering, and murder.

Hells Angels members are recognized for their dedication to the group, Harley-Davidson motorbikes, and patches with a winged skull insignia. The Hells Angels have a large presence in Ohio, where they have engaged in deadly clashes with other motorcycle gangs such as the Outlaws and the Iron Horsemen.

4. Latin Kings

Latin Kings is a street gang that originated in Chicago in the 1940s and has since spread to several states, including Ohio. Latin Kings is one of the largest and most organized Hispanic gangs in the United States, having a hierarchical structure and a set of rules. Latin Kings is involved with a variety of crimes, including robbery, assault, graffiti, and drug delivery.

Latin Kings members are distinguished by their black and gold uniforms, five-pointed crown emblems, and hand signals. Latin Kings has a significant presence in Cleveland, where it has engaged in turf fights with other gangs such as the Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples.

5. Polish-American Organized Crime

The phrase Polish-American Organized Crime refers to the criminal actions of people and groups of Polish heritage in the United States, particularly in Ohio. Polish-American organized crime mostly engages in gambling, loan sharking, extortion, and money laundering.

Polish-American Organized criminal is linked to the Pittsburgh criminal family, a branch of the Italian-American Mafia. Polish-American organized crime operates in several Ohio communities, including Youngstown, Cleveland, and Toledo.


Ohio’s rich history and economy are overshadowed by a major crime problem, primarily fueled by numerous gangs. Groups such as 2hunnid in Dayton, MS-13 in Columbus, Hell’s Angels with a statewide presence, Latin Kings in Cleveland, and Polish-American Organized Crime in cities such as Youngstown and Toledo all contribute to crime and violence concerns by engaging in a variety of illegal activities and posing challenges for law enforcement.

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