These Are Arizona’s Most Mispronounced Places; See if You Pronounce Them Correctly


Arizona has a lot of different and interesting cultures that can be seen in the names of its cities, towns, mountains, and other sites. Some of these names, though, can be hard to say, especially for people who are new to the area or are just visiting.

We’ll talk about some of the most commonly mispronounced places in Arizona and how to say them properly in this piece.

1. Tucson

The University of Arizona is in this city, which is the second biggest in Arizona. “Cuk-on,” which means “base of the black hill” in O’odham, is where the name comes from. A stress was put on the “o” in the Spanish spelling of Tucsón. They say it with a short “a” sound like “ant” when they’re from the United States.

2. Canyon de Chelly

In northeastern Arizona, where the Navajo Nation lives, this is a beautiful river. The Navajo word tséyi means “inside the rock” and is where the name comes from. The Spanish called it Chelly, which sounds like a Navajo word, and the Americans said it in a way that sounded like French. It should be said canyon de-shay.

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3. Mogollon Rim

Geologically, this is what the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau looks like. It’s also a popular place to go for outdoor activities. The name comes from Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollón, who was the governor of New Mexico when it was a Spanish colony. A hard “g” sound like in “goat” is the most popular way to say it.

4. Aravaipa

This word is used to describe a canyon, a creek, and a park in the southeast of Arizona. That word comes from an Indigenous language in the area, and it can mean “girls,” “laughing waters,” or “little wells.” The right way to say it is “air-uh-vai-paw.”

5. Casa Grande

This saying can mean either the city in Arizona in the middle of the state between Phoenix and Tucson or the old Puebloan ruins. You say “big house” in Spanish by pronouncing it “cossa GRON-day.” Many people in the area, though, like the Anglicized form better, which is cass-uh great. Make sure you use the correct accent for the situation.

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6. Mazatzal

These are the words for a mountain range, a desert area, and a casino in the middle of Arizona. The word looks like it comes from Spanish, but it comes from Nahuatl, the tongue of the Aztecs. It means “deer’s home.” A lot of people in Arizona say it wrong and say it as mat-uh-zel. It should be said mah-zaht-zahl.


According to the data, Arizona has several localities with names that represent the state’s broad and rich cultural past. Some of these names, however, might be difficult to say correctly, especially for foreigners.

The information covers the origins and pronunciations of six such locations, which range from towns to mountains. Learning how to pronounce these names correctly will help tourists understand Arizona’s history and beauty.

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