These 10 Health Insurers With the Most Complaints in the U.S.


Welcome to a surprising look at the ten worst health insurance companies in the United States, where the promise of coverage frequently meets irritating hurdles and disappointments. In the complicated environment of healthcare, these businesses have garnered notoriety for providing poor service, denying claims, and providing insufficient help to policyholders.

Despite their essential role in protecting health, these insurers have made many Americans feel insecure and mistreated.

Join us as we shed light on the dark side of the healthcare sector, exposing the firms that have failed to meet their pledge to provide dependable and accessible coverage for all.

Top 10 Worst Health Insurance Companies

1. Unum Health

This insurance firm made the list because they received so many unanswered complaints through the Better Business Bureau website that their exceptional A+ rating was reduced to an A-. Why are there so many complaints?

Some members have alleged that Unum consistently refuted their claims, claiming that their information about the members was inaccurate. Others claim that they were billed incorrectly and did not receive the required reimbursements. Some members even complained about being saddled with high medical expenditures after Unum declined their claims for no legitimate reason.

Unfortunately, all health insurance firms in the United States do not take people’s health more seriously. Health insurance companies routinely deny claims and refuse to fund operations that could save a person’s life.

If more health insurance firms concentrated on providing their members with the greatest possible care, perhaps there would be no “bad” health insurance companies in the United States.

2. Hawaii Medical Services Association

While Hawaii is at the top of the list of states with the finest healthcare, this health insurance provider rates quite low among private plans.

Like some of the other insurance plans on the list, the Hawaii Medical Service Association regularly refuses genuine medical claims, leaving members with large medical bills that they cannot afford. Some members allege that they must file claims multiple times before they are paid, and that HMSA occasionally ignores their claims entirely.

A short check with the Better Business Bureau finds that these incidents are all too prevalent. Inaccurate payouts are another issue that appears to occur frequently. One critic links the issues to the association’s monopoly in Hawaii, which makes perfect sense.

3. United Plan of Texas

Members of this particular healthcare plan have also expressed dissatisfaction. They feel there are too many restrictions on where they can seek care, and they frequently complain about bad customer service. Wait times are exorbitant, and once an agent is on the phone, they are unpleasant and unskilled, rendering them unable to assist the member.

According to Consumer Affairs, 73% of those who reviewed United Healthcare gave them a one-star rating. With over 2,000 ratings on file, this suggests that at least 1,400 people were extremely unsatisfied with this insurance company. Those are not odds anyone wants to face.

4. WellCare Health Plan of New Jersey

Many customers complain about this health plan, claiming that none of the customer service representatives have adequate knowledge of typical problems and, as a result, are unable to resolve many issues.

Different customer service agents have been reported to tell consumers completely conflicting things. For example, one representative told a member that he would be reimbursed for seeing an out-of-network physician, while another told the member that reimbursement was not feasible. Others argue that the number of providers who accept this insurance plan is restricted, making it difficult to locate quality care.

When you visit Consumer Affairs, you will see a variety of strong language used to characterize these health care plans. One reviewer describes them as a fraud and a scam. In case you needed another reason to stay away, 76 percent of the reviews on the site are only one star.

5. Tata AIG Health Insurance

Customers allege that this insurance firm does not give good customer service, and that customer support workers are “useless,” incapable of providing adequate assistance. Tata AIG has also been accused of failing to provide adequate choices when selecting a doctor, hospital, or clinic.

MouthShut’s reviews also present a bleak picture. When it comes to the worst health insurance company, Tata AIG must rank at or near the top of any such list. With over 500 reviews to analyze, Tata AIG has a 1-star average.

When you look at the specifics of these reviews, it’s clear to see why customers are so annoyed. The claim settlement process is sluggish, with one customer reporting that they had not received a payment in almost a year following a house fire. Tata AIG should be avoided for a variety of reasons.

6. Molina Healthcare

This healthcare agency is on this list because they have repeatedly refused to cover life-saving procedures. Molina Healthcare also has ineffective and harsh customer service agents, making it difficult to receive help with choosing a physician and other difficulties.

Some members say that Molina is meant to provide transportation, but every time they use it, the driver either does not show up at all or arrives too late for the patient to make it to their doctor’s appointment on time. This is not a one-time problem; it has occurred multiple times with many members.

I looked into WalletHub’s reviews, and these stories are more common than I could have expected. One of the reviewers was so upset that they only gave the company a one-star rating because zero was not an option. That should tell you all you need to know.

7. Ameri-Health Caritas Next

We bought this health insurance through Obama Care or the Health Insurance Marketplace. Affordable health insurance with low co-pays and deductibles was our choice.

However, working with this two-year-old insurance firm has been a nightmare. First, it’s an HMO, so we understood constraints when choosing doctors, but we didn’t expect any in-network laboratories or urgent care centers within a 100-mile radius of where we reside.

We couldn’t find certain professionals on their website, so I called their toll-free number and waited about 20 minutes for a response. As I hung up and called back, I heard a child sobbing and realized the woman answering was working from home.

She said, “I can’t find anything here,” and had no idea how to help me. She was ignorant and unprofessional, never apologizing. I’m ready to ditch this bad insurance. The only benefit is that it covers most drugs 100%. You’re not alone in these experiences. According to TrustedChoice, the BBB has received many complaints. They gave the film 2.3 stars out of 5. The company’s poor customer service and payment processing were widespread complaints.

8. Blue Shield of North Carolina

Yes, everyone knows about this health insurance company because it is one of the most well-known ones out there. Once upon a time, I loved BCBS because it let me see any doctor in the US without a recommendation.

They ignored claims sent to them by my doctors, though, and their prices keep going up until they’re too expensive for me to pay. I no longer respect them. The cost of my plan was going to double, so I moved to Ameri-Health Caritas Next.

The Better Business Bureau gives a very negative picture when you look at what other people have said about a business. A huge number of reviews give only one star, and one customer even says they were lied to. With so many bad reviews to read, it’s clear why so many people would want to stay away from Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.

9. Health Care United of Oklahoma

From what I’ve learned, this is a bad health insurance plan. I have never lived in Oklahoma or had this insurance. Why? To begin, United Healthcare of Oklahoma often turns down true claims for services that should be paid for.

Members also say they have trouble with customer service and getting treatment for conditions they already had. It has been said that United Healthcare of Oklahoma is such a bad health insurance plan that it would be almost better to not have any coverage at all.

People have had terrible experiences with United Healthcare all over the place, even if you go to the page to read reviews about the company in general. Someone who wrote a review said they couldn’t even get into the account they made to get to their website.

To get a reaction, another reviewer had to go public with their bad experience. I strongly advise that you do not do business with this company.

10. Cigna Auto Insurance

Another well-known insurance company is Cigna Insurance, but it also has some problems. This is because Cigna has repeatedly denied claims, refused care, and in some cases refused to cover people. Many people who have had Cigna have not been happy with it. One 17-year-old boy died because Cigna Insurance wouldn’t pay for a liver transplant that could have saved his life.

Others have had similar problems where Cigna wouldn’t pay for treatments and surgeries that could have saved their lives, which made their health worse or killed them. This has led to many cases being brought against Cigna, but many of them have been thrown out.

People who have had bad experiences with customer service can find a lot of proof at Consumer Affairs. A total of 1,133 reviews of Cigna Insurance have been written, and most of them are not good. One point seven out of five stars were given to the company.

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