There Is An Abandoned Town In Ohio That Most People Are Unaware Of


Attractions like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Hocking Hills State Park, and the picturesque Ohio River may be found in Ohio, a state rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Attracting travelers, intrepid travelers, and history buffs in equal measure, the state is renowned for its wide range of interesting attractions. Ohio has a lot of well-known places, but Moonville, the state’s ghost town, is a lesser-known location that is sometimes missed because of its sinister past.

Revealing the Past of Moonville

Moonville was a prosperous coal mining town at first, driven by the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad. It was founded in 1856 close to the Zaleski State Forest. With over 100 persons at its height, the town prospered and was named for Samuel Coe, a local retailer who made it easier for the railroad to operate in the area. In addition to having homes, a tavern, a school, and a hotel, Moonville also had a cemetery where a large number of its citizens were laid to rest.

The Moonville Decline

When coal resources diminished and the railroad was relocated away from Moonville in the late 19th century, the town’s prosperity took a turn for the worse. After years of neglect and isolation, the locals moved abroad in search of better possibilities. The town was beset by natural disasters such as fires, floods, illnesses, and accidents. Additionally, the railroad’s notorious Moonville Tunnel saw a number of suicides, fatalities, and unexplained deaths.

Moonville was almost completely abandoned by the early 20th century, and the town was formally abandoned in 1947 when the final person departed. Buildings deteriorated with time, the cemetery lost its condition, and the town lost its prominence.

The Haunting Present of Moonville

Moonville is now a deserted ghost town that can only be reached via hiking trails through impenetrable forest. The remaining buildings, especially the Moonville Tunnel and Cemetery, draw thrill-seekers and urban explorers with their creepy ambiance. There are still tales of spectral apparitions, such as:

The Brakeman: A spectral train worker furiously flashing a lantern in the tunnel.
The Engineer: A ghost on a mission to find his head following a tragic collision with a low-hanging beam.
The Bully: Following a tragic brawl, a furious apparition seeks retribution in the cemetery.
The Lover: A spectral woman looking for her deceased love in the tunnel while wearing a white dress and veil.

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In Summary

Moonville is a ghost town full of stories of life and death, a forgotten chapter in Ohio history. Moonville is a destination that enthralls the inquisitive and tests the courageous while providing a singular, enigmatic window into the past. Despite its unsettling atmosphere, this location is important historically and should be respected. For those who dare to explore its haunting grounds, Moonville remains as a tribute to a bygone period, ready to tell its hidden secrets.

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