There Are Two Odd Haunted Roads in Delaware That Defy Gravity


Do you know anything about gravity hills? In certain locations, it seems as though the rules of physics are broken and items slide uphill rather than downhill. While some have more scientific explanations, such as optical illusions or magnetic abnormalities, others think that supernatural entities, like ghosts or aliens, are to blame. Whatever the reason, these gravity hills are enthralling and enigmatic, and they’re everywhere in the world.

We’ll look at two of these gravity hills in Delaware in this post so you can see this odd occurrence for yourself. These aren’t just any roads—these are haunted roads, full of myths and folklore. Are you prepared to venture off on a daring adventure?

Cossart Road

Devil’s Road, sometimes referred to as Cossart Road, is a winding, narrow road that passes through a wooded area close to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, before crossing into Delaware. This road is well-known for being the scene of several paranormal events, including the infamous du Pont family chateau, cults, and ghost sightings.

One of the wealthiest and most powerful families in America, the du Ponts have a lengthy history of engagement in industry, politics, and science. They do, however, have a darker side, and some individuals think they participate in genetic experiments, human sacrifices, and satanic rituals. Said to be the epicenter of their wicked actions, the du Pont estate sits atop a hill overlooking Cossart Road and is encircled by a tall fence and surveillance cameras. Some people say they have witnessed odd lights, sounds, and animals emanating from the mansion, and that dogs or armed guards have chased them away.

However, there are more eerie things on Cossart Road besides the home. Additionally, there is a gravity slope where, in neutral, your car will appear to roll upward. Some claim that this is brought on by the ghosts of the du Pont family’s victims, who are attempting to move you away from their attackers. Some claim that the devil is using this as a ruse to draw you into his realm. For whatever reason, you will definitely get shivers from this gravity hill.

Brandywine Springs Park

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Brandywine Springs Park was a well-liked resort and amusement park. Today, it is a historic park. It was well-known for its zoo, roller coasters, and carousels, as well as its natural springs, which were thought to have therapeutic qualities. But when the park closed in 1923, the majority of its buildings were destroyed by fire or demolition. Currently, the park is a serene and picturesque location where you may take in the scenery and discover its past.

But the park also has a sinister side, and some think ghosts from the area’s past haunt it. The former trolley line that brought guests to the park from Wilmington is one of the park’s most haunted locations. Even though the trolley line is now paved, there is still a gravity hill—if you put your car in neutral, it will roll uphill. Some claim that the ghosts of the trolley passengers—who are allegedly still striving to reach the park—are to blame for this. Some claim that this is a relic of the park’s enchantment, which is still palpable. Whatever the situation, you will be amazed by this gravity hill.


In areas known as gravity hills, it appears as though the laws of physics are broken as items roll upward rather than downward. These are widespread occurrences that are both intriguing and enigmatic. But some of these gravity hills, which are located in Delaware, are also said to be haunted by stories and traditions. These are two unusual and haunting paths where gravity doesn’t exist: Cossart Road and Brandywine Springs Park. You can travel these roads and witness this phenomenon yourself if you’re seeking excitement. However, exercise caution as you may find more than you anticipated.

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