The Truth Behind This Haunted School in Pennsylvania is Horrible


Pennsylvania is a state with a long history and many haunted locations. One of the most notorious is the Abington Schoolhouse, a historic one-room schoolhouse from the 1800s.

The schoolhouse is located in Clarks Summit, a rural village about 10 miles north of Scranton. The schoolhouse operated until 1958 when it was shuttered and abandoned. Since then, it has been a popular destination for paranormal phenomena and urban exploration.

The Legend of the Schoolhouse

According to local mythology, the schoolhouse was the location of a tragic catastrophe in the early twentieth century. Miss Evelyn, a teenage teacher, was in charge of the school and was quite stern and abusive to her children. She would punish them for little infractions and even imprison them in the basement or attic.

One day, she went too far and killed one of her students, Billy, by shoving him down the stairs. She then attempted to cover up her crime by setting fire to the school, but the flames caught her inside and burnt her to death with Billy and the other children.

Some claim Miss Evelyn was possessed by a demonic entity, while others believe she was psychologically disturbed and snapped. In any case, her malevolent ghost is claimed to still haunt the schoolhouse, along with the restless spirits of her victims.

Many visitors to the schoolhouse have reported hearing shouts, footsteps, laughter, and tears. Some people have reported seeing apparitions of youngsters and a woman dressed in black. Others experienced chilly areas, touches, and scratching. Some have even been assaulted or possessed by malicious forces.

The Investigation into the Schoolhouse

Over the years, the schoolhouse has piqued the interest of several paranormal investigators and thrill seekers. One of the most well-known was the Ghost Adventures crew, who paid a visit to the schoolhouse during their seventh season in 2011.

They spent the night inside the schoolhouse, gathering some of the most persuasive proof of the haunting. They heard voices, bangs, and knocks. They saw shadows, orbs, and mist. They experienced chills, agony, and pressure. They also had some of the most intense and horrifying moments of their careers, including being scratched, suffocated, and shoved by unknown forces.

The Ghost Adventures crew decided that the schoolhouse was one of the most haunted sites they had ever explored, with spirits that were extremely furious and violent. They cautioned anyone who wished to visit the schoolhouse to be cautious and polite and to avoid provoking the creatures.


The Abington Schoolhouse in Pennsylvania, steeped in terrifying mythology, is notorious for ghostly activity. Legends tells of a sad episode with a strict teacher, Miss Evelyn, which resulted in the death of a student and a fatal fire.

Numerous stories of ghostly sightings and weird events have bolstered its reputation. The schoolhouse has been investigated by paranormal researchers, including the Ghost Adventures crew, and is considered one of the most haunted places, with visitors advised to proceed with caution and respect.

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