Discover The Top 11 Springs in Ohio to Unwind and Rejuvenate


Going to a spring might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ohio, but it should be. Along many well-known hiking trails in Ohio’s huge wilderness, you can find secret gems. Keep reading to find out more about the best springs in Ohio to relax and feel better.

Galloway Spring

Galloway Spring is one of the best places in Ohio to relax and feel better. At the end of a hike, the water is a nice way to cool off. But come early to avoid the crowds. The famous spot has beautiful views and water that is crystal clear and full of minerals that are good for you. From then on, you won’t go to a professional spa again; instead, you’ll go to Galloway Spring.

Layton Springs

At Layton Springs, you can relax and recharge in one of Ohio’s biggest springs. Even though it’s privately owned, a lot of people from the area like to come. The natural spring that pumps the water up to 2,000 feet high is what makes it so special. Come for the relaxing water, but stay for the beautiful nature around.

Partington Spring

The quiet Partington Spring is not too far from Galloway Spring. It’s not very big, but it’s connected to the great Partington Spring House, which is a top Springfield wedding site. A stone cottage from the 1830s and a spring that runs from the top of limestone cliffs are on the 6 acres of land. Take it easy and enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods.

Yellow Springs

Yellow Springs is one of the best natural springs in Ohio to relax and feel better. It is known for being healing. Do not drink the water. In the 1800s, the natural wonder was found. It became famous because of reports that drinking from the spring could heal several illnesses. It’s not always safe to drink water that hasn’t been cleaned, even if the stories are true. Also, the name comes from the fact that the high iron level in the water makes the rocks around it turn yellow.

Millers Spring

You have to swim in Miller Spring when you go to the Miller Nature Sanctuary. There are beautiful waterfalls, miles of hardwood forest, and high limestone rocks in the huge Miller Sanctuary Nature Reserve. But you should follow the bright wildflowers to one of the holes made of limestone. That’s where the spring water comes from. You’ll definitely see some wildlife if you stay put.

Saint Francis Springs

The beautiful scenery at Saint Francis Springs makes it one of the best places in Ohio to relax and recharge. The mineral-rich water is good for your health and your soul. The spring is in Sandusky County, away from a hiking path in an area that isn’t often used by people.

Big Lick Spring

The clear and warm Big Lick Spring got its name from the salt licks in the area. Some springs get dirty, but Big Lick doesn’t. Visit to learn more about the past of cattle in the town while you enjoy the view and the water.

Stilwell Spring

You should walk to Stilwell Springs if you like hiking. The secret gem is tucked away in the trees between two well-known Clark County hiking trails. The clean, refreshing water is great for relieving muscle pain. Take it easy and enjoy the wildlife while you wait for the path to take you home.

Indian Spring

People like to hike and snowmobile on the Indian Spring Trail in Munroe Falls all year long. There is a forest, marshes, ponds, and a stream, as well as an old spring with the same name. It is pretty easy to finish the loop along the cool spring, and the view is amazing.

Big Spring

In Ohio’s Hancock County, you can go on a hike to the empty Big Spring. In the freshwater, surrounded by trees and quiet waterways, it’s easy to rest. Rest for an hour or two in the water, which will make you feel better, and then head back down the road.

Iron Spring

Some people own Iron Spring, but you can come if you pay the fee. The name comes from the fact that the water has a lot of iron in it. The high iron level makes muscles loosen up and the skin feel better. You should stop by to enjoy the calm water.

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