This City Has Been Named One of the Best Places to Live in California


California is famous for its beautiful scenery and lively culture, but it can be expensive to live there. There are, however, secret gems in this expensive state that offer low prices without lowering the quality of life.

One of these places is Clovis, a city that has all the best parts of both a small town and a big city.

  • Population: 102,148
  • Average home Price: $263,500
  • Average Home rent:$1,093 per month.
  • Better safety than 62% of U.S. cities
  • 5.4% of people are unemployed.
  • Beach proximity: 160 kilometers from Del Monte Beach

Clovis, known as the “Gateway to the Sierras,” is a significant option for anyone looking for a reasonably priced way of life in California. It is a part of the Fresno metro region, which is well-known for its youthful and welcoming population.

The city is a paradise for both lovers of the outdoors and agriculture because of its closeness to Yosemite National Park and its position in the lush San Joaquin Valley. Clovis provides an affordable yet satisfying way of life with its excellent schools, beautiful climate, and affordable housing expenses.

Compared to many other areas of California, Clovis has a noticeably more cheap housing market. For individuals wishing to rent or buy a property without going over budget, Clovis offers a reasonable alternative with a typical rent of $1,093 and a median house price of $263,500.

Clovis is a steal when compared to the state median rent of $1,503 and the state median property price of $578,267.

This City Has Been Named One of the Best Places to Live in California

In addition, Clovis has a low unemployment rate of 5.4%, which is lower than the 6.1% average for the entire country. The city’s economy is broad and steady, offering plenty of work possibilities in industries including retail, health care, education, and agriculture.

Numerous significant enterprises, including Wawona Frozen Foods, Pelco, Clovis Community Medical Center, and Clovis Unified School District, are based in Clovis.

Not only is Clovis reasonably priced, but it’s also safe and habitable. The city is a safe environment to raise a family or enjoy a quiet retirement because its crime rate is lower than that of 62% of American cities.

Together with a wide range of facilities and activities to accommodate all interests and tastes, Clovis boasts a good standard of living. There’s always something to do in Clovis, whether it’s taking a stroll around the Old Town, exploring the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains, or paying a visit to the Clovis Botanical Garden.

With its perfect blend of big-city conveniences and small-town charm, Clovis is a hidden treasure of reasonably-priced living in California. Clovis can be the ideal choice for you if you’re searching for a spot in the Golden State to call home.

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