The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel In Arizona Is Terrifying


Arizona is a state with a rich history and culture, but it also has many haunted locations. One of Arizona’s most known haunted hotels is the Jerome Grand Hotel, a former hospital that witnessed numerous murders and tragedies. The hotel is claimed to be home to various restless ghosts, some of whom are not afraid to make themselves known to the visitors and staff. In this post, we’ll look at the dark and disturbing narrative of this haunted hotel in Arizona.

The Hospital on Hill

The Jerome Grand Hotel was initially established in 1926 as the United Verde Hospital to serve the thriving copper mining town of Jerome. The hospital sat on Cleopatra Hill, with a view of the valley and town. The hospital included sophisticated facilities and services, including an elevator, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and X-ray equipment.

However, the hospital witnessed numerous fatalities and sufferings while treating victims of mining accidents, tuberculosis, influenza, and other ailments. Some of the patients were also mentally ill or suicidal, and some of the employees were alleged to be abusive or corrupt. The hospital closed in 1950 when the mining industry and the town’s population fell.

The Hotel With a Haunted Past

The hospital was abandoned for 44 years before it was purchased by the Altherr family in 1994. They rebuilt the structure and converted it into a hotel, which opened in 1996. The hotel preserved many of the hospital’s original features, including the elevator, boiler room, operating room, and some of the furniture and equipment.

The hotel also showed numerous historical objects and photographs relating to the hospital and community. However, the hotel inherited the hospital’s ghostly reputation, with many guests and workers reporting paranormal experiences and sightings. Some of the most common phenomena are:

The ghost of a man dressed in a long coat and a cowboy hat is thought to be a former maintenance worker who was crushed by the elevator in the 1930s. He is frequently spotted in the basement, near the elevator, or in the halls.

The ghost of a woman in a white robe is thought to be a former nurse at the hospital. She is frequently spotted in Room 32, where she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. She can also be heard crying or laughing in the room, as well as moving furniture.

The ghost of a young kid thought to be a past patient who died at the hospital. He is frequently spotted playing with a ball in the halls or peering into rooms. He is also heard giggling and calling out for his mother.

The ghost of a cat is thought to be a previous pet of the hospital owners. He is frequently seen or felt hopping on the beds and rubbing on the guests’ legs. He can also be heard meowing or purring in the rooms.

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In Summary

The Jerome Grand Hotel combines history and mystery. It is a location where the living can meet the dead and the past can resurface in the present. It is a popular destination for visitors who are interested, adventurous, or brave enough to spend the night with ghosts. It’s a place with both a terrible and wonderful story. If you’re seeking for a haunted hotel in Arizona, the Jerome Grand Hotel could be the place for you. But be warned: you may not be able to sleep peacefully there.

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