The Scary Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Georgia is Horrifying


Georgia is a state with a rich history and culture, as well as ghost stories and haunted locales. Among Georgia’s numerous haunted places, the 17-hundred90 Inn in Savannah stands out as especially scary. This old hotel has been the location of countless paranormal events, ranging from apparitions and voices to items moving and doors slamming. But what is the mystery behind this haunted hotel, and who are the restless souls who inhabit its rooms?

History of the 17Hundred90 Inn

The 17Hundred90 Inn is Savannah’s oldest hotel, as well as one of its oldest structures. It was established in 1790 as a boarding house and bar, then converted to a hotel in the 1820s. The hotel has witnessed several events in Savannah’s history, including the Civil War, the yellow fever outbreak, and the Great Fire of 1820. The hotel has also housed many renowned visitors, including Georgia’s founder, James Oglethorpe, and Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

The hotel is called for both the year it was established and the address of its original location, 1790 East Broad Street. The hotel was relocated to its current location at 307 East President Street in 1915 when the city sought to extend East Broad Street. The hotel was painstakingly deconstructed and reconstructed to retain its unique architecture and charm.

Supernatural Activity of the 17hundred90 Inn

The 17Hundred90 Inn is supposed to be haunted by various spirits, the most well-known of which is Anna, a young woman who purportedly died in the hotel in the early 1800s. According to folklore, Anna was the wife of the hotel’s owner, a nasty and violent guy who forced her to marry him.

Anna fell in love with a sailor who stayed at the hotel and wanted to go with him. However, her husband discovered the affair and murdered the sailor. Anna, hurt and desperate, pushed herself from the window of room 204, where she and her boyfriend had met.

Anna’s spirit is claimed to haunt room 204 and the rest of the hotel. Guests and employees have described seeing her ghost, hearing her footsteps and screams, feeling her chilly touch, and smelling her scent. Anna is also renowned for moving items, turning on and off lights and faucets, and playing the piano in the hotel restaurant. Some guests have even claimed that Anna has snuggled with them in bed or placed a message on the mirror reading “Anna loves you”.

Thaddeus, a small child who died of yellow fever at the 17-hundred90 Inn in the nineteenth century, is another spirit that haunts the establishment. Thaddeus is reported to haunt the third level, where he enjoys playing pranks on visitors and workers. He is renowned for knocking on doors, hiding objects, and laughing in the halls. Thaddeus is particularly fond of the hotel’s cat, who frequently follows him around.

Other ghosts have been seen at the hotel, including a woman in a white dress, a guy in a black suit, and a soldier in a blue uniform. Some guests have also reported weird sensations of being watched, caressed, or pushed, as well as hearing whispers, screams, or gunshots.


Ghosts are deeply embedded in Georgia’s oldest buildings, with the 17 Hundred90 Inn in Savannah being the core of spirit encounters. This historic hotel, founded in 1790, has seen the Civil War and a tragic love tale. The devastated bride Anna and Thaddeus, a lively yellow fever survivor, remain in its hallways. Ghostly apparitions and naughty pranks make the 17 Hundred90 Inn a haunting link to Georgia’s past and otherworldly.

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