The Republicans In North Dakota Have New Faces, But Their Ads Are More Specific


BISMARCK, North Dakota: You may have already gotten political texts and letters asking you to give. Republicans in North Dakota say that will likely keep happening for another eight months.

In the past few weeks, Republican party leaders have chosen new leaders and started using a new plan to get ready for this year’s presidential race.

It’s impossible to avoid political ads, even if you turn off the TV or the radio. They’ll only get worse before the election in November.

Jack Noble from Bismarck said, “I get a lot of mail.”

Steve Hill from Bismarck said, “Yeah, it’s a little annoying.”

Republicans chose Michael Whatley and Lara Trump as new committee chairs right after Super Tuesday, when Donald Trump had hit the number of delegates he needed to win the nomination. The big question right now is who can quickly raise the most money.

“We probably lost four or five months of good fundraising,” said Shane Goettle, a member of the NDGOP National Committee. “The first two months of this year have been great, and Ronna really led the way.” And in January, we made $5.5 million more than we thought we would.

Unfortunately, this huge fain came with people’s heads rolling. Goettle says that Whatley and co-chair Lara Trump have already fired about 60 RNC employees.

Goettle said, “It’s not like everyone’s getting fired.” “They’ll have a chance to find another job where they can be very important in this election.”

The Republican group is not yet united. Mike Pence and Nikki Haley, two people who used to run against Trump for president, have decided not to support his campaign.

Pence told CBS Sunday Morning, “I won’t be supporting Donald Trump this year.”

Goettle said, “They did have to sign the pledge in order to take part in the debates.”

Hill told him, “I think he should get the $468 million he needs.”

As Donald Trump continues to fight in several state courts, the new RNC chairman, John Whatley, seems to be beginning his own legal battles. Because of this, Goettle says they are suing several battleground states to try to stop any chance of voting fraud before November. They will also keep raising money until the Republican National Convention in July.

He went on, “With more eyes and ears,” he said, “we can hold election workers accountable, and that will help us trust the elections.”

With 29 delegates, Donald Trump easily won the Republican vote in North Dakota. They will be picked by Republicans in North Dakota at their conference on April 6.

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