The Previous Record For The Highest Rate Of Weed Consumption Is Broken By This City In New Mexico!


As one of the first states in the US to legalize marijuana for recreational use, New Mexico has grown to be a popular destination for cannabis users. The state’s largest city, Albuquerque, has broken the previous record for having the highest rate of cannabis consumption among its peers.

The Use of Cannabis in Albuquerque

Nearly 36% of all adult-use cannabis sales in New Mexico occurred in Albuquerque in 2023. Over 14 grams of cannabis are consumed monthly by the average Albuquerque resident, more than twice the national average of 6.8 grams. The city’s large population, diversified community, and close proximity to Texas—where recreational cannabis use is still illegal—all contribute to this heightened use.

Factors Associated with Excessive Cannabis Use

At more than 560,000 residents, Albuquerque is the most populous city in New Mexico. The city of Albuquerque’s high cannabis use can be attributed to a combination of factors, including its diverse population, which includes a large Hispanic population and an increasing number of young professionals, as well as its appeal as a tourist destination because of its breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and active cultural scene.

Effects of Cannabis Use in Albuquerque

The legalization of cannabis for recreational use has improved Albuquerque. Sales of cannabis have brought in a significant amount of tax money, which the city uses to pay for its many services and activities.

Additionally, cannabis has boosted Albuquerque’s economy by generating a large number of job opportunities. Furthermore, legalization has contributed to a decrease in crime. According to 2023 research conducted by the Albuquerque Police Department, arrests linked to cannabis have decreased by more than 50% since the drug’s recreational use became legal.


Due to its diverse population, popularity as a travel destination, and closeness to areas where cannabis is still banned, Albuquerque has set records for cannabis consumption. This increased consumption has, on the whole, had a good effect, helping the city’s economy grow and its crime rate decline.

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