Minnesota’s Best Fried Chicken Is Found at This Amish Buffet


The Amish Market Square in St. Charles, Minnesota, is a great place to come if you’re looking for a filling and delicious dinner to dazzle your taste senses. This family-run business provides a wide array of Amish goods, services, and experiences. Its buffet is a particular highlight and is well-known for its delicious fried chicken. Here are several reasons to check out this Amish buffet and savor some of their mouthwatering fried chicken.

Fresh and Crispy Fried Chicken

Using top-notch, fresh ingredients is essential to creating delicious fried chicken. Amish Market Square’s secret is hand-cut, locally sourced chicken that is seasoned with a unique blend of herbs and spices and breaded every day. Perfectly deep-fried, the outcome is crispy, golden exterior encasing luscious, soft flesh. You’re going to have an incredible encounter that will leave you wanting more.

A Range of Amish Recipes

The Amish buffet has a nice selection of additional Amish specialties in addition to the delicious fried chicken. Even while the buffet is always changing, staples like freshly prepared mashed potatoes, noodles, and a salad bar are always available. Enjoy other specialties including meatloaf, roast beef, chicken pot pie, and ham and cheese casserole, which are all painstakingly made from scratch with the best local ingredients.

A Comfortable And Kind Environment

Experience an inviting and comfortable setting when you visit our Amish buffet. It is located in a large, rustic structure with a cozy atmosphere, and the staff is kind and accommodating. Admire the picturesque vistas of the surrounding landscape and Amish settlement, and attempt to get a glimpse of the Amish horses and buggies that pass by. It’s the ideal environment for unwinding and sharing a delicious meal with loved ones.

Fair and Inexpensive Prices

The fair and inexpensive prices are an additional motivation to go. Everyday lunch and dinner are served at the buffet, which costs a reasonable $12.99 per person. This covers unrestricted use of the beverage station, salad bar, dessert bar, and buffet. Seniors and veterans of the armed forces receive a 10% discount, and birthday celebrants can receive a free lunch with a proper ID. You may be sure to have a fulfilling eating experience without going over budget with excellent value for your money.


A trip to the Amish buffet in St. Charles is a must for anyone looking for the best fried chicken in Minnesota. In addition to the famous fried chicken, enjoy a range of Amish fare, take in the warm ambiance, and value the reasonable prices. Amish Market Square pledges to make your dining experience unique, fulfilling, and definitely worth coming back for more. Go now to Amish Market Square and indulge in their delicious fried chicken! Don’t wait!

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