The Most Scenic Airport In Michigan


Michigan’s most gorgeous airport is one-of-a-kind! Pilots and passengers who land there will not use another motor vehicle until they return to their plane! This is owing to the airport’s wonderful position on Mackinac Island! Mackinac Island is a small hamlet located on an island in the center of Lake Huron. While it isn’t as well-known as other island villages like Martha’s Vineyard, it’s well worth seeing! Mackinac Island has an extraordinary law that prohibits motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses! Instead, horse-drawn carriages lend a delightful character to the island!

As a result, the restriction on motor vehicles excludes planes and boats. And that gets us to the amazing Mackinac Island Airport, which has everything that makes it so special! The surrounding waters of Lake Huron create a stunning blue backdrop for the green dot of Mackinac to stand out! A one-of-a-kind and breathtaking spectacle awaits pilots and passengers as they approach the airport! The runway is situated on a tiny strip of land that connects the magnificent blue water of Lake Huron to the island’s historic city! This ensures superb views regardless of which side of the plane you sit on!

An Airport This Small Cannot be Commercial!

Of course, it should come as no surprise that an airport this small, located on an island without motor vehicles, is not a commercial airport. Serving only charter and private planes, being able to enjoy this vista is definitely out of reach for the common traveler! But it’s worth it for the breathtaking sights and whole experience on the historic island. Travel and Leisure Magazine named Mackinac Island the finest island in the continental United States for 2022! To build on that success, they were named the top summer travel destination by USToday’s Readers Choice Awards!

Once you’ve landed at Michigan’s most gorgeous airport, the island has plenty to offer! From the island’s famed fudge factory to golfing and relaxing spas, there’s no shortage of entertainment options! The horse-drawn carriages, on the other hand, are unquestionably one of the most iconic and unique aspects of the island experience! The lovely ‘clip-clop’ of horseshoes fills the air as the gorgeous creatures transport visitors from one location to another!

Landing and Parking at the Mackinac Island Airport

Here are the details for anyone who wants to fly to this wonderful airport and experience it for yourself! The Mackinac Island Airport zealously enforces landing and nighttime parking fees. It categorizes prices according to aircraft type and provides monthly and annual licenses. Single-piston aircraft landing there are charged a $12.50 landing fee and $12.50 each night, with monthly licenses priced at $62.50 and annual permits priced at $312.50. Twin piston aircraft and jets have slightly higher fees due to their bigger sizes.

In the winter, the airport is critical for inhabitants, especially when ferry services are disrupted due to Lake Huron freezing. Air-taxi services may link from surrounding airports in approximately 6 minutes. During the winter season, commodities are manually unloaded, sorted, and transported. Motor cars are prohibited during the winter, thus snowmobiles or horse-drawn wagons are used instead. Snowmobiles and horse-drawn taxis are the principal modes of winter mobility; however, inclement weather can cause aircraft cancellations that last for days.

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In Summary

Mackinac Island Airport in Michigan provides a unique experience on the enchanting Mackinac Island, which is famous for its restriction on motor vehicles. The little airport, which only serves charter and private planes, connects the island to Lake Huron and offers beautiful vistas. Despite not being commercial, the island has been named the greatest in the mainland United States for 2022. Landing and parking fees apply, which vary by aircraft type. The airport becomes critical in the winter when ferry services are disrupted. Despite its challenges, it remains a gateway to the island’s attractions, including as the famous fudge factory, golf courses, spas, and iconic horse-drawn carriages.

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