The Horror Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Michigan


Michigan is a state with a rich history and plenty of natural beauty. However, it also has its share of gloomy and eerie areas where the past refuses to be buried. One of these locations is the Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Home Township, near Bellaire.

History of Forest Home Cemetery

Forest Home Cemetery was founded in 1880 as a burial ground for people of the adjacent community of Bellaire. The cemetery comprises over 10 acres and has nearly 3,000 burials. Some of the prominent persons buried there are:

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  • William Alden Smith was a United States Senator and Congressman who worked on the Titanic tragedy inquiry.
  • George A. Custer was a Civil War officer and the nephew of the renowned officer George Armstrong Custer.
  • Charles E. Belknap was a Civil War veteran and US Congressman who authored a book on his experiences during the war.
  • John W. Blodgett was a timber entrepreneur and philanthropist who gave money to a variety of organizations, including the Grand Rapids Public Library and the Blodgett Hospital.

The Hauntings at Forest Home Cemetery

However, not all of the ghosts buried in Forest Home Cemetery are calm. According to local tales, the cemetery is haunted by multiple spirits that appear in various ways. Some of the claimed paranormal phenomena are:

  • The Lady in White, a ghostly figure dressed in white and wearing a veil, visits the cemetery at night. She is claimed to be the ghost of a young lady who died on her wedding day and is still searching for her husband.
  •  The Phantom Car is a mystery vehicle that moves through the graveyard without making a sound or leaving any footprints. It is thought to be the automobile of a couple who perished in a collision near the cemetery and are still attempting to reach their goal.

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  •  The Screaming Kid is a disembodied voice of a kid crying and screaming in the cemetery, particularly near the children’s area. Some believe it is the voice of a youngster who was slain by his violent father and buried in an unmarked grave.
  • The Shadow Figures are dark and terrifying creatures that lurk in the cemetery’s shadows and occasionally chase visitors. They are believed to be manifestations of bad or angry spirits who do not want anyone to interrupt their sleep.


Forest Home Cemetery in Michigan, founded in 1880, is a historical site where prominent persons such as Senator William Alden Smith and Civil War hero Charles E. Belknap are buried. However, spooky legends stalk this peaceful burial cemetery.

Ghostly encounters include the Lady in White, a grieving bride; the Phantom Car, which moves quietly; the Screaming Kid’s disembodied cries; and Shadow Figures, which frighten tourists. Forest Home Cemetery contains a ghostly tapestry that combines Michigan’s past with paranormal mystery.

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