The Horror Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Arkansas


Arkansas has a rich history and a good number of ghost stories. Among the many haunted locations in the Natural State, one cemetery stands out for its terrifying stories and paranormal activity. According to local folklore, a ghostly woman and child haunt the grounds of De Queen’s Avon Cemetery.

The Tragic Story of Mother and Child

According to the narrative, long ago, the lady set the infant on the edge of the ancient well while gathering water, and the baby fell in and perished. Even after her death, the mother remained in the cemetery, overcome with sadness. She is still looking for her missing kid, and visitors may occasionally hear her weeping or screaming out for her baby.

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Some believe that the mother’s soul is not alone and that the baby’s ghost also roams the graveyard. Others believe the well is cursed, and that anybody who stares into it will see the baby’s face or hear its cries. Some say the well is a doorway to another realm, with weird lights and orbs visible surrounding it.

Evidence of the Haunting

Several individuals have claimed seeing the mother and kid at the Avon Cemetery, particularly at night or during full moons. Some have seen the mother’s ghost, clad in a white robe, wandering among the tombs or sitting at the well. Others have experienced a cool touch or a slight tug on their clothing or hair. Some people reported hearing whispers, groans, or screams in the air.

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The cemetery is also notorious for strange events including moving items, flickering lights, and malfunctioning equipment. Some visitors have discovered toys, flowers, or cash on the graves, which they assume were gifts from the mother or kid. Others have documented weird pictures or noises with their cameras or recorders, such as orbs, shadows, or voices.


De Queen’s Avon Cemetery in Arkansas is rife with ghost stories, including one about a grieving woman and her departed kid. Local mythology tells of a terrible episode in which a youngster died in an antique well. Visitors claim to have seen the ghostly couple, with accounts of tears, screaming, and terrifying encounters. Paranormal activity, such as moving objects and odd lights, adds to the spooky atmosphere, making Avon Cemetery a somber site with stories of sadness and spiritual presence.

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