Here Are The Best 5 Bakeries In Ocean County, New Jersey


The best “sweets gooeyness” can be found in Ocean County, NJ, just like the best of everything else too.

“What’s your favorite _ in Ocean County?” is one of my favorite things to ask you. Every time you answer, I know exactly what you want or love about living in New Jersey, especially Ocean County. A bakery is always at the top of the list.

A bakery makes me think of my family. I think of my grandmother and her cooking every time I walk into a bakery. The memories taste so good. I remember good times when I ate a tasty pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, a great pie at Sunday family dinner, or a piece of tasty cake.

The Ocean County bakeries you picked are very tasty and have been owned by people in the area for a long time. How to choose a good restaurant. Does it smell bad when you walk in? Are those their tasty pies or Italian pastries? It could be a simple but tasty chocolate chip cookie. Let’s talk about bakery bread, which tastes great. A bakery is the only place to get a fresh loaf that is better than anywhere else.

Each of these bakers is known for something different. Mueller’s in Bayhead, for example, is famous for their delicious crumb cake. Wow, you have to try it if you’ve never had it before. It’s great. The Italian sweets at LaScala’s are so tasty that they will make any party or holiday jump for joy. Every single one of these bakeries is wonderful.

1. 502 Baking Company

502 Baking Company, Brick Blvd., Brick, NJ

2. Big Apple Bakery

Big Apple Bakery, E. Bay Avenue, Manahawkin, NJ

3. Mueller’s Bakery

Mueller’s Bakery, Bridge Avenue, Bayhead, NJ

Here Are The Best Bakeries In Ocean County

4. LaScala Pastry Shop

La Scala Pastry Shop, Rt. 166, Toms River, NJ

5. Waretown Bakery

Waretown Bakery, R. 9, Waretown, NJ

Here Are The Best Bakeries In Ocean County
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