Texas Treasures: Exploring the 7 Best ANTIQUE and THRIFT Shops


Take a journey through Texas’ rich history and hidden riches as we reveal the 7 Best Antique and Thrift Shops in the Lone Star State. From small stores situated in historic downtowns to enormous warehouses loaded with vintage items, Texas is a mecca for both antique connoisseurs and bargain hunters.

Explore beautiful boutiques where each item tells a story, or browse unique collections for that perfect one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you’re looking for rustic farmhouse decor, mid-century contemporary treasures, or timeless relics, these businesses promise a unique experience full of nostalgia, discovery, and the charm of bygone periods.

1. The Antique Gallery in Round Rock, Texas

The Antique Gallery is a vintage consignment shop in downtown Round Rock. It has an eclectic mix of ancient and new stuff. You can find a variety of collectibles, glassware, jewelry, and artwork. This location is also a destination for vintage clothing. Items include 1940s vintage hats, leather purses, and 1970s lunch boxes. The owners are really knowledgeable and helpful.

The business operates seven days a week. Its Facebook page and blog are often updated. You can also contact them by telephone. The owners of the Antique Gallery are enthusiastic about reselling. They handpick European furnishings and décor. You’ll see a variety of objects, including 1920s Victrolas and marble busts. They also sell jewelry and home decorations. You can shop in person with an appointment.

2. Austin Antique Mall in Austin, Texas

The Antique Mall, located in the center of SoCo, is a 30,000-square-foot shopping mall with more than 100 vendors. The mall operates seven days a week. The mall sells antiques, antique furniture, antique jewelry, and vintage apparel. The Antique Mall offers a variety of intriguing things, including brilliant Czechoslovakian art glass, eccentric 1970s lunch boxes, and vintage apparel.

It also boasts an intriguing collection of antiques, such as military buttons and Victrolas from the 1920s. The mall also offers one-of-a-kind jewelry and Roseville ceramics. The prices range between a few dollars and a few thousand dollars. The Antique Mall is a pleasant shopping destination, however the pricing may be improved. The shop is in a busy SoCo neighborhood, and the owners are polite and helpful. They even monitor the aisles to deter shoplifters.

3. Room Service Vintage in Austin, Texas

Whether you’re looking for a unique home accent or an antique piece, Room Service Vintage in Austin, Texas, has you covered. They are a home goods store that focuses on vintage furniture and apparel. They also stock books, toys, and home decor. The store also restocks frequently and has a large assortment of accessories. One of the benefits of shopping here is that you can engage with the proprietors.

They are open six days per week. They also provide monthly promotions and activities. Room Service Vintage also has an Instagram page where they publish new products every day. They’re an excellent spot to begin your vintage shopping adventure, and you’ll find a variety of high-quality, trendy products for your house. The store also has nine different vendors and is continually restocking stuff, so you’re sure to discover something you’ll like.

4. Alvin Antique Center and Marketplace in Alvin, Texas

The Alvin Antique Center and Marketplace provide tourists with a variety of products, including collectibles, jewelry, and glassware. Visitors can also see a selection of antique furnishings. The store sells American and European furniture, pottery, and Depression Glass. The store also houses Froberg’s Farm, which has been providing fresh fruit to the local community for over 60 years.

The farm also sells homemade pies and jams. The Alvin Antique Center and Marketplace is a wonderful destination for both antique connoisseurs and first-time shoppers. A vintage piano and a bar are among the attractions available to visitors. The business also has an outside cafe that is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.

5. Blue Hills Antique Mall in Seguin, Texas

Blue Hills Antique Mall, located in Seguin, Texas, was founded in 1982. The business is divided into five distinct buildings, each having forty types. Sherry Pate, who also owns Blue Hill’s Antique business, runs the business. This is one of the most interesting vintage shopping experiences you will have. The Blue Hills Antique Mall in Seguin, Texas, has parking available near the store. The store also has a great layout. Five buildings are organized so that shoppers can easily find what they desire. Three people work in the mall.

6. Leftovers Antiques in Brenham, Texas

Leftovers Antiques Home and Mercantile, in Brenham, Texas, provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for visitors. The business sells antiques, artisan items, home décor, and furniture. The owners of the shop travel around the country in search of one-of-a-kind products for their store. The store spans over 17,000 square feet of shopping inspiration and enticing finds.

Leftovers Antiques Home and Mercantile is the ideal shopping location for those who value antiques and relics from the past. The store sells a wide range of American country antiques, European country antiques, garden accessories, pottery, books, architectural elements, and hand-dyed bedding. The shop also has a women’s boutique with a variety of styles.

7. Downright Texas Antiques, Comfort, TX

Downright Texas Antiques, located in Comfort, Texas, is a specialist shop that serves the antique community. The business is open from Tuesday to Saturday. It includes furniture, artwork, and home décor.

The shop also offers an online ordering option. Aside from antiques, the shop offers jewelry, vintage apparel, and glassware. Their things are primarily American and European. They feature a large assortment of discounted items. They have various vendors who sell unique things that are not available in other places. The shop also includes a coffee shop that provides coffee and freshly baked goodies.


Explore Texas’ rich history and hidden treasures with the 7 Best Antique and Thrift Shops. From small boutiques to sprawling warehouses, each provides a distinct combination of nostalgia and exploration. Whether you’re looking for rustic design or mid-century jewels, these places will provide an amazing experience. Explore Room Service Vintage’s modern selections or browse Downright Texas Antiques’ specialized items. Texas awaits with its beautiful stores and historical attractions.

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