Texas Mall Worker Charged With Child Trafficking and Sexual Abuse After Fbi Finds Videos on Dark Web


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found videos of seven people reportedly sexually assaulting toddlers. This led to the arrest and charging of a former mall worker in Texas with trafficking children for sexual abuse. It caused a Republican politician to call for the death sentence.

USA Today reports that Arthur Hector Fernandez III, who is 29 years old, has been charged with sexually exploiting children in videos that reportedly show seven men beating up babies at the Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas. The Australian Center to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) found the images on the dark web and gave them to the FBI.

USA Today stated that a changing table could have been used to show that at least one of the videos of sexual abuse was taken in a public bathroom at the mall.

In a court order that USA Today got, a judge wrote, “The evidence in this case is overwhelming and disgusting.” Fernandez has to stay in jail until his trial because of the court order.

The judge also said, “I cannot let him abuse any other minors, and there is no reason or set of reasons that can make him less of a danger to the community.” “It’s not even close.”

Newspaper Daily Mail says that Fernandez is the only suspect who has been charged in connection with the case so far. However, police have not said if the other people in the tapes have been named.

Daily Mail reported that while police were looking into the case, they found out that two of the babies who were involved in the sexual abuse were the kids of other mall workers who sometimes left their kids with Fernandez.

Fernandez and other people in Texas are accused of horrifyingly sexually assaulting toddlers. In response, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) made a statement on social media calling for the “death penalty now.”

Fox 29 Houston got a statement from Dr. Bob Sanborn, CEO of Children at Risk, in which he warned parents about possible signs of child abuse.

If you take your kids out with someone you thought you could trust, they will pull away afterward. They’ll be less noisy. Look for those changes in your kids, like being sick and not eating, Sanborn said. “It looks like these things are telling you that something is wrong with your child. This time, we’re talking about little kids. They really couldn’t talk to each other. “They have no idea what is right or wrong.”

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