Texas Governor Sent 341 Migrants to Denver, Straining the City’s Resources


Last week, 16 busses carrying migrants from Texas arrived in Denver, Colorado over two days. In August, Governor Greg Abbott began busing migrants to this city.

According to its migrant situational awareness dashboard, El Paso began busing migrants to Denver last year and has deployed 117 buses to Denver.

According to a news statement issued by Governor Abbott last week, he has dispatched nearly 11,800 migrants to Denver.

Texas Governor Sent 341 Migrants to Denver, Straining the City’s Resources

Migrants continue to enter the southern border, mostly at the El Paso and Rio Grande sectors.

According to CBS News, at least 340 migrants boarded the 16 buses. Denver Human Services spokesperson Jon Ewing stated:

We can run out of room, We can run out of resources. We are already limited as it is. It strains an already strained system even further.”

The Denver Migrant Dashboard shows that since December 24, the city has helped 34,178 refugees. They came to the city in 273 groups yesterday.

Governor Abbott is still working to make the southern border safer. Last week, Governor Abbott wrote on X (which used to be Twitter):

When President Biden allowed Title 42 to expire and opened the floodgates to more illegal crossings, Texas didn’t sit idly by.

I launched the new Texas Tactical Border Force, elite trained soldiers who help intercept and repel migrants trying to enter Texas illegally.

According to WTTW, Governor Abbott started transporting migrants to Chicago last week after the city modified its regulations and announced plans to punish unlicensed buses that brought migrants into the city.

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