Tesla Owner Discovers Hidden Button Unlocking Secret Feature for Effortless Driving on the DREAM MACHINE

BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 22: A Tesla Model 3 electric car stands on display at the Green Week (Gruene Woche) agricultural trade fair on its opening day on January 22, 2024 in Berlin, Germany.

The driver shared a video on TikTok revealing a hidden feature on the steering wheel. The TikToker confidently stated, “Allow me to demonstrate a simple trick.”

He proceeds to demonstrate how Tesla drivers typically access their glove compartment by pressing buttons on the infotainment screen.

Surprisingly, owners of the popular electric car will discover a more convenient method to accomplish this task.

The driver demonstrated a concealed button on the steering wheel that allows for voice command.

He demonstrated how to open the glove box by tapping a button and giving a voice command.

According to WhatCar, the Tesla Model Y is described as being larger than the Model 3 with more interior space.

This is ideal for Ahnika, an adventurous traveler who has covered thousands of miles in her electric vehicle.

Anhika shares her travel adventures on TikTok, showcasing the perks of living on the road in her Tesla with her furry companion, Lotus.

Tesla’s Dog and Camp Modes Essential for Traveler; Hidden Car Features Revealed

Tesla logo is seen at the showroom in Santa Monica, United States on November 12, 2023.


An important feature that Tesla offers is the Dog and Camp modes, which have proven to be crucial for Anhika’s journeys.

According to her, Tesla offers a Dog mode that maintains the cabin at a set temperature and secures all the windows.Keeping the heat on while I sleep is made possible with camp mode.

Other vehicles also come equipped with hidden features. The motor enthusiast uncovered a secret feature in many cars that can assist drivers facing lockouts.

A woman shared on TikTok about a small button inside the door handle that can open the car door when the keys are not working.

She demonstrated how to open the car door when the key is out of power by using the mechanical key to pry open the lock through a small hole under the door handle.

Insert the key and give it a twist, the car door will open. The woman also provided additional advice online on optimizing mirror positions for better visibility and reversing safely.

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