Teen Sisters Stabbed in NYC Store, One Dead, After Spurning Assailant’s Advances


A pair of 19-year-old twin sisters were stabbed at a Brooklyn bodega early Sunday morning after rejecting their attacker’s advances, one of whom died and the other in stable condition.

Samyia Spain and her sister, Sanyia, were attacked around 2:20 a.m. at Slope Natural Plus on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope, according to police and sources.

According to the family, the attack occurred when the suspect attempted to hit the two girls but was gunned down. “He walked in and started hitting on her,” the girl’s grandfather, Alphonso Goodson, told the Post. “She said, ‘I don’t want to bother with you. Leave me alone. Then the business owner kicked him out.

“He started kicking on the door, he started banging on the door,” recalled Goodson. “I’m not sure if they phoned the police, but [the storeowner] should have done so at the time. He then attacked the twins as they left the business.

“He was waiting for them,” he explained. “He took it the wrong way. He went after them. That was incorrect. That was completely wrong. I hope they get this man.”

Samyia was stabbed in the chest and died at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, while her sister was injured in the arm and is in stable condition.

A lady who identified herself as the murdered teen’s godmother told The Post that the twins had been with friends at a party earlier that night.

“She was with her mother and sister,” the woman, only identified as China, said on Sunday. “It was a big group of them. They held a game night.

“I don’t even know who he is,” she claimed of the attacker, who is still on the street. “I’ve never seen him.”

Just hours after the horrific attack, distraught loved ones gathered outside the slain teen’s apartment building, just blocks from the bodega, to create a makeshift monument of flowers, teddy bears, and candles.

“She was a very good person,” a friend told the Post. “She was in school and working. She was quite lovable. She did not cause any trouble. All she wanted was to have fun. She did not have to walk out that way.

“She wasn’t like a party girl,” the pal claimed. “It was her first time trying to go out to have fun.”

Samyia Spain appears to be getting a tattoo on Saturday, presumably in preparation for the party, according to a post on her Instagram profile.

“Game night at 9 pop out,” reads a post on the page.

The next message indicates that the time is 9:23 p.m.

“My friends are looking for me in the club, but I’m drunk and making new friends,” she wrote in her previous photo, which featured her smiling inside an apartment. However, the girl’s aunt informed The Post on Sunday that the group did stop at a local club following their house party, and that the suspects were also present.

However, Spain had no idea who her assailant was, her companion continued, before blaming the attack on the city’s lack of financing for mental health services.

“It was a random person. It’s quite surprising. “It was a kitchen knife,” the friend explained.

“Do you know who I blame? The government, for the sheer fact, cut off all of these mental health (care) services, and now look who’s rushing out,” they continued. “These are the ones who don’t get into trouble. “There are a thousand cameras, but there is no arrest.”

A woman at the memorial told The Post, through tears, that Spain was her goddaughter.

“They better catch him, she doesn’t deserve that,” she went on to say.

The women went to the deli after a party and encountered two men who made advances on them and were enraged when they rejected them.

“They aren’t sober. They were rejected, and they just intensified it tenfold. “We were all having a good night before this,” the witness stated. “We had just left and gone to the supermarket for food. We were all grabbing sandwiches and hamburger patties to eat because we were hungry and wanted to return home, and then this happened.”

The report states that the two males fled the site.

No arrests have been made, and the police investigation continues.

“We’re all taking it very hard,” Goodson explained. “My daughter is taking it fairly hard. We never expected anything like this to happen.

The midnight stabbings occurred outside the same bodega where a woman allegedly murdered her ex-girlfriend in broad daylight in a startling, brutal attack caught on security footage in 2021.

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