Teen, 16, Allegedly Kills Mother and Mother’s Boyfriend, Fakes 911 Call: Police

Image by: Florida Today

A Palm Bay minor is still in juvenile prison after police say she shot and killed her mother and her mother’s boyfriend Saturday night before calling 911 with a false appeal for help.

The 16-year-old was charged with first-degree premeditated murder after police analyzed forensic evidence found at the Benchor Road property, including gunshot casings, blood drops, and broken glass from a sliding glass door.

According to police, the teen’s motivation stemmed from her dislike for her mother dating a 22-year-old man. According to sources, the adolescent killed her mother first, then shot her boyfriend, stabbed him repeatedly, and shot him again before dying.

Palm Bay Police Chief Mariano Augello described the double homicide as “tragic.”

“I fully appreciate the public’s worry and demand for information. The investigation is ongoing, and our detectives are working hard to unearth all of the facts and circumstances surrounding this occurrence. I appeal for the community’s patience as we continue our investigation.


According to arrest records, the adolescent killed the duo with a. 38-caliber revolver and a chef’s knife on Saturday night. She contacted 911 at about 12:06 a.m. Sunday, screaming frantically and reporting that a man had broken into her home. Officers responded quickly and discovered the bodies of the teen’s mother, Kelly McCollom, 42, and McCollom’s boyfriend, Matthew Szejnrok, 22, both of whom had been shot numerous times, according to court papers.

The youngster approached police outside the residence and told authorities that she heard an unidentified burglar in the house and hid in her room with her pit dog as “loud noises” persisted in another section of the house. According to the recordings, police continually questioned the girl’s story of what transpired.

The girl, who FLORIDA TODAY cannot identify, was brought before a juvenile judge and sent to the Juvenile Detention Center in Sharpes.

According to police records, the teen’s relationship with her mother had deteriorated during the previous two weeks.

Officers discovered a silver.38-caliber handgun outside the teen’s bedroom window. Detectives investigated the home and discovered the boyfriend’s death in the bathroom. Several gunshot casings were discovered on the floor. A blood-stained knife was recovered on the bathroom counter, according to reports. Detectives also discovered bloody footprints that matched the teen’s shoes throughout the house. According to records, the teen was interviewed by police and then turned over to juvenile officials.

The adolescent eventually told detectives that she stole the gun from her mother’s bedroom.

According to court records, the couple returned home shortly afterward.


“Welcome home,” the teen exclaimed before grabbing the revolver and shooting her mother numerous times. She then turned the handgun on the boyfriend, who was pleading with the youngster to stop, according to court records.

The kid told officers that she followed her mother’s lover into the toilet, where she stabbed him and shot him twice, according to court records.

McCollom’s son, Jacob Linton, used social media to announce his mother’s death. The post featured photos of McCollom outside, holding a baby and posing with Linton.

“Please be patient with me as I navigate through this difficult time,” he added, telling FLORIDA TODAY his mother “was a great person.”

The 16-year-old will stay in detention until his delinquency court later this month. The state attorney’s office will analyze the case and decide whether to pursue adult charges.

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