Kansas City Horror: Alleged Killer STALKED, TORTURED Sex Workers, HID VICTIMS IN BLUE BARRELS

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A suspected killer allegedly stalked sex workers in Kansas City, Missouri, torturing them with electric currents and forcing them to sexually please him in exchange for food.

Tim Haslett was charged on Tuesday with murder, rape, kidnapping, and sodomy, adding to a long list of horrifying allegations against at least two women. The most recent accusations relate to Jaynie Crosdale, whose decomposing body was discovered in a blue barrel in the Missouri River last year, but police said they “wouldn’t be surprised if there were more” victims.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Haslett allegedly told the sole known survivor that he planned to pack her in one of those barrels with the rest of “them.” Crosdale’s body was discovered in June after decomposed bones dropped from a blue barrel in the Missouri River in Saline County, Missouri.

According to an affidavit acquired by Fox News Digital, a victim, who was allegedly tortured and forced to be Haslett’s “sex slave,” was accompanied by two other women.

She escaped the dungeon in Haslett’s Excelsior Springs home, a suburb south of Kansas City, and ran through the neighborhood while wearing a locked metal collar around her neck and a ball gag in her mouth.

A good Samaritan took her in and dialed 911.

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Responding cops discovered a basement with various locks, red lights, paddles, chains, cameras, and “all types of things that could be used for torture,” according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, investigators found a black gas mask, “large blue barrels,” various electronics, women’s clothing in his bedroom, and a loaded revolver hidden in his couch, among other items.

Excelsior Springs Police Chief Greg Dull told Fox News Digital in August 2023 that “there were electronic gadgets, little wiring for gadgets and stuff” all in the same room.

“He had a bunch of what looked like laptop computer batteries, different circuits, and whatnot,” Dull told me. “Then there were stacks of garments. Many of them were women’s clothes that he wore.

“And then the basement is where he had that room set up where he had allegedly detained his victim or victims.”
According to the chief, the external walls were concrete, with two internal walls made of sheet rock and plywood.

There was a solid wood door with plywood layers on each side, thus “the normal solid wood core door was sandwiched between two half-inch sheets of plywood.”

“Then there were a few of magnetic strips, similar to those used to secure business doors. There were two of those on there,” Dull explained.

“You can use the keypad to enter or exit the room.” It was quite intricate… “This was hardly his first rodeo.

How Crosdale was linked to Haslett.

Crosdale’s killing was linked to Haslett via photos on his phone, which were seized during the execution of a search warrant at his house, according to the affidavit.


“Ms. Crosdale appears on a still image taken from Mr. Haslett’s electronic device, showing her inside his basement,” Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson stated at a press conference on Tuesday.

“An SD card containing images of people connected to Ms. Crosdale was discovered inside his house. He told the surviving victim that he had killed someone else. Thompson was alluding to Haslett’s alleged threats to the only known survivor, who told police that “Timothy” threatened to kill her like the other two girls if she did not listen, according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, the survivor told authorities that one woman died while wearing a gas mask and another died via electrocution.

The survivor did not know the other women, according to the affidavit, and frequently referred to the victim or victims as “they” or “them.”

“The suspect allegedly informed her that there were others who did not make it and ended up in one of those blue barrels,” Dull claimed in the August 2023 interview.

“And, if she didn’t do what he told her to do, one of those barrels was for her.”

The chief stated that the survivor’s charges and details of what she saw and heard have been verified true, leading law enforcement to think other victims have yet to be discovered.

Jaynie Crosdale’s family had not heard from her since 2022, according to her sister, who requested anonymity for safety reasons.

Crosdale suffered from addiction, and her siblings argued before her disappearance, her sister told Fox News Digital in an emotional interview after her body was discovered last August.

“I didn’t know anything was going on until I saw her picture splashed across the news about the police wanting to speak to her,” she told me. “That’s why this hurts so bad because we weren’t on speaking terms at the time.”

Crosdale’s sister cried down as she tried to imagine her sister’s last moments.

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“I shouldn’t be thinking about it, but it occurred to me: what did he do to her? “What happened to her before she died?” Crosdale suffered from addiction, which affected her relationship with her family, according to her sister. But when she was clean, “she was the sweetest person” as per foxnews.

“She has some poor habits. “She went through a lot growing up, but she was still a human being,” her sister explained. “She was quite free-spirited and happy when she was Jaynie, sober and all that.

“I will always remember how joyful she was. “She would do anything for anyone.”

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