Sunday Could Have Strong Weather And Even Snow


As an area of low pressure moves out of East Central Colorado and across Northern Kansas, it will bring strong winds and possibly even snow to KAKEland on Sunday and Monday.

The radar shows that light, scattered rains will start to form late Saturday afternoon and last through early Sunday morning. The first rounds of rain will be wet rather than heavy. In Western Kansas, around US-83 and US-183, the chances of bad weather will rise in the middle of the afternoon.

At some point, this line of storms will turn east and move toward Wichita and the I-135 region in the evening and overnight.

Large hail stones, maybe bigger than 1″ in diameter (quarter size), will be the most possible danger from this line of storms. You might also see gusts of very strong wind. The chances of this happening will rise as the storms come together in a line.

The risk of a tornado is not zero, but it is not very high either. Strong cells that form early on will need to be closely watched, as the threat decreases as the storms combine.

Bad weather will not be a threat after Sunday night until very early Monday morning. It’s possible that it will snow because this strong area of low pressure is bringing in cold air from the north. It’s not impossible for light to build up, especially across Northwest Kansas.

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