Spouse Asserts Innocence in Case of Missing American Woman in Spain, Says Attorney

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 09: Posters are seen along the last known route as the hunt for missing woman Sarah Everard enters its fifth day, on March 09, 2021 in London, England. Sarah Everard, 33, from Brixton, London has been missing since leaving a friend's home in Clapham on Wednesday, March 3. She was last seen at about 21.30 GMT, wearing a green rain jacket, navy blue trousers with a white diamond pattern, turquoise and orange trainers, a white beanie hat and possibly wearing green earphones.

An American woman has gone missing in Spain under suspicious circumstances, and her husband’s attorney stated that he had no involvement in her disappearance. The attorney also refuted claims made by the woman’s family that their divorce was acrimonious.

According to Ken Padowitz, David Knezevich’s attorney in Florida, his wife Ana vanished from her Madrid apartment on February 2 while he was in his home country of Serbia. Since then, he has cooperated with both the FBI and the Spanish authorities.

40-year-old Ana Knezevich, a naturalized American originally from Colombia, disappeared after a man in a motorcycle helmet disabled her apartment complex’s security cameras by spray painting the lenses.

Two of her friends received text messages from her phone the next day stating that she was leaving for a few days with a man she had recently met.

According to sources, the messages were not consistent with her usual style and she would never go off with someone she didn’t know.

David Collaborates With Authorities on Spouse’s Case From Serbia

The tape Do not pass of the police operation is seen in...
BARCELONA, SPAIN – 2021/06/21: The tape Do not pass of the police operation is seen in front of the main door of the Liceo Theater.


David has collaborated with authorities. He has been in contact with detectives in Spain multiple times.
He has shared credit card information … The individual secured legal representation in Spain to authorize documents that could assist the Spanish authorities in accessing the apartment rented by his spouse,” Padowitz explained.

“He is putting in maximum effort all the way from Serbia.” He mentioned that traveling to Spain would not contribute to the investigation or search.

He is not fluent in Spanish. He does not have relatives in Spain. He lacks companions in Spain. Padowitz mentioned that he does not have a house, apartment, or any place to live in Spain.

Sanna Rameau, a friend of Ana, mentioned on Tuesday that David Knezevich informed both her and Ana’s brother that he was at the couple’s Fort Lauderdale home on Feb. 2 and not in Serbia.

“Whatever he did can obviously be confirmed by authorities,” Rameau said. Madrid police stated on Tuesday that the investigation is still ongoing, but they have not provided additional information.

David and Ana Knezevich, who occasionally spell their last name as “Knezevic,” have been married for 13 years. They are the proud owners of EOX Technology Solutions Inc., a company that provides computer support services to businesses in South Florida. According to records, they also possess a residence and two additional properties in Fort Lauderdale, with one of them currently facing foreclosure.

Ana’s brother, Juan Henao, described the divorce as “nasty” during an interview with a Fort Lauderdale detective, according to a report. He informed the authorities that David was upset about the upcoming division of a significant sum of money.

Padowitz mentioned that the couple’s separation was friendly, and they had discussed the possibility of using a single attorney to complete their divorce proceedings and distribute their assets.

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