Six Must-try Chinese Restaurants In Wisconsin


Wisconsin is a Chinese food lover. According to the searches, anyway. The most popular food interests in each state were found using Google search data by the online pricing monitoring website Pricelist. Chinese food was Wisconsin’s most popular search term, with 101,364 queries per month on average. (Mexican, Indian, Italian, and Thai food came a close second to fifth.)

With menus that can contain more than 100 items, Chinese restaurants really do have something for everyone. Furthermore, the majority of beef dishes may be readily turned vegetarian by adding extra vegetables or tofu.

Wisconsin restaurants provide the customary fusion of authentic and American, even though we could debate all day about what constitutes true Chinese cuisine. Cookies of fortune? not Chinese in origin. Even the recognizable Chinese takeaway boxes originated here: in 1894, Chicagoan Frederick Weeks Wilcox received a patent for his “paper pails.”

Nevertheless, the event exemplifies what makes our state great: what occurs when cultures collide and people learn from one another’s strengths.

The Greatest Chinese Restaurants in Wisconsin:

1. Ruyi Hand Pulled Noodle, Madison

While they are traditional, hand-pulled (or knife-cut) noodles are not something you’ll find in your ordinary Chinese restaurant. They serve as the focal point here. Do not be scared to try the tripe and tendon, but start with the spicy beef pulled noodles. There are excellent options for hot pot and dumplings as well.

2. Imperial Garden, Middleton

The Madison area’s version of the classic endless menu American-Chinese restaurant with lovely tables has been there for a while, but it’s becoming less and less common as restaurants focus more and more on certain traditions like hot pot, dumplings, and Taiwanese street cuisine. annually selected as the Best of Madison since the 1980s. For the Peking duck, we advise placing your order a day in advance.

3. Momo Mee, Milwaukee

This is the spot to sample classic dumplings called Xiao Long Bao, which are cooked in soup broth. Cantonese clay dishes and Szechuan Dan Dan Noodles are also excellent. Tony Ho, the owner and chef, is a native of Hong Kong and offers certain dishes that bridge cultures at this pan-Asian eatery.

4. Cozy Inn, Janesville

The state’s oldest Chinese restaurant. In Janesville, two brothers who immigrated from China started a restaurant in 1922. Family members owned it until the current owners purchased it in 1975. It’s like traveling back in time while enjoying some delicious egg rolls.

5. Shanghai Grill, Weston

Well-liked in the Wausau region for foods like kung pao chicken and crispy duck. They even make special request dishes with fresh Wisconsin ginseng. (Many patrons visit for their Japanese sushi cuisine as well.)

6. Sze Chuan, West Allis

The menu is mostly composed of Sichuan Province dishes, many of which can be quite hot and peppery, as the name would imply. Reviewed favorites include the dry chili chicken and Szechuan pork dumplings. They also have a very spicy dry pot and a hot pot that can be either moderate or spicy.

In Summary

In Wisconsin, Chinese cuisine is the most popular culinary category, according to Google search data. While arguments about authentic Chinese cuisine continue, the state’s numerous Chinese eateries combine traditional and American elements. Notable restaurants such as Ruyi Hand Pulled Noodle in Madison and Cozy Inn in Janesville highlight the state’s diverse culinary offerings. This cultural collision emphasizes Wisconsin’s excellence by demonstrating the harmonic exchange that occurs when people embrace and learn from one another’s talents and traditions.

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