Seven Secret Locations in America You Cannot Enter


The United States of America is a large, diversified nation that welcomes millions of tourists each year with its numerous sites and attractions. Nonetheless, several locations remain inaccessible to the general public due to security, safety, or preservation concerns. These locations are enigmatic and mysterious, which frequently feeds rumors and conspiracies. These are the top seven hidden locations in America that you are not permitted to visit.

1. Nevada’s Area 51

Arguably the most well-known classified location on Earth, Area 51 is the source of a great deal of rumors and conspiracy theories regarding sophisticated technology, UFOs, and aliens. It is formally a remote outpost of Edwards Air Force Base, where the US military tests and develops cutting-edge weaponry and aircraft.

The precise goal and operations of the base are still unknown, though, as the CIA did not disclose its presence to the public until 2013. The airspace over Area 51 is restricted, and security guards, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras are stationed in the vicinity. Trespassers and anyone who approach the base too closely run the risk of being shot, punished, or both.

2. Georgia Coca-Cola Vault

One of Coca-Cola’s most precious assets is its proprietary formula, which makes it one of the most well-known and identifiable brands in the world. Since its creation by chemist John Pemberton in 1886, the soft drink’s recipe has been maintained a closely-guarded secret.

A small group of persons who are bound by oath to keep the precise components and ratios a secret. The World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, Georgia has a high-security vault where the original handwritten recipe is kept. The vault is only accessed by a few number of executives and employees; it is not open to the general public.

3. New Mexico’s Dulce Base

Another purported covert site connected to paranormal and alien activity is Dulce Base. According to some conspiracy theories, Dulce Base is a collaborative human-alien underground base that conducts experiments on genetic modification, mind control, and interdimensional travel.

Some people assert that the installation is the location of the Dulce War, a bloody conflict between humans and aliens that took place there in 1979 and left many people dead. However, the majority of specialists reject Dulce Base as a fiction or a hoax because there is no reliable proof of its existence or official confirmation.

4. Virginia’s Mount Weather

In the case of a significant crisis or tragedy, the U.S. government’s emergency operations center is housed in the safe and secure Mount Weather complex. It is roughly 50 miles from Washington, D.C., in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The White House, the National Weather Service, and the Department of Homeland Security are among the departments and agencies housed in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-run building.

Mount Weather has its own power plant, water supply, and communication system, and it is built to resist biological warfare, nuclear strikes, and electromagnetic pulses. The facility’s precise capabilities and functions are classified, and it is not accessible to the general public.

5. California’s Club 33

Club 33 is a private club in Disneyland, California, that is exclusive and well-kept. Walt Disney established it in 1967 as a venue for entertaining dignitaries, celebrities, and VIP guests. The club takes its name from 33 Royal Street, New Orleans Square, where it is located.

The club is the only establishment in Disneyland that drinks alcohol and features two dining rooms, a lounge, a jazz club, and a bar. The club has a lengthy waiting list, an expensive membership cost, and is exclusively open by invitation. Members receive priority reservations, entry to the 1901 Lounge, and access to exclusive events, among other benefits.

6. New York’s North Brother Island

Nestled between Rikers Island and the Bronx in the East River lies a little island known as North Brother Island. A quarantine hospital used to be located on the island, treating and isolating people suffering from infectious diseases such yellow fever, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis.

Mary Mallon, popularly referred to as Typhoid Mary, was the most well-known case. She carried the typhoid virus and infected numerous individuals. Before her death in 1938, she lived on the island for 23 years of her life. Prior to its abandonment in 1963, the island served as a juvenile correctional facility, a veterans’ housing complex, and a drug rehabilitation facility. Except for sporadic guided excursions, the island is currently a bird sanctuary and is inaccessible to the general public.

7. The Californian bohemian grove

Some of the most powerful and influential men in the world assemble annually to Bohemian Grove, a private campground in Monte Rio, California. Every July, the Bohemian Club gathers for two weeks of entertainment, networking, and socializing. Members of the club include politicians, businesspeople, artists, and celebrities.

The club engages in controversial and clandestine practices, such as the Cremation of Care, a simulated human sacrifice performed in front of a massive owl statue. The club is also accused of being a venue where key political and economic decisions are made behind closed doors. The club is exclusively for men, and neither outsiders nor media are permitted inside.

In summary

In addition to freedom and opportunity, the United States of America is a country full of mysteries and secrets. Numerous locations are kept secret from the general public, either for good or questionable reasons. These are dangerous and prohibited locations, but they are also interesting and captivating. Even if they might never divulge their secrets, they will always pique our interest and inspire our fantasies.

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