Security Alert: Bart Police Arrest Man With Concealed Ar-style Rifle


On Christmas Eve, the BART Police Department arrested a man with the weapon after hearing that the suspect was bothering other people on a Richmond-bound train.

Around 11:20 p.m., a watchful train operator saw the man making noise and bothering other people on a Richmond-bound train and called the BART Police Department right away.

At Fruitvale Station, police stopped the train and talked to the suspect, who was later named as 36-year-old Archie Hansbury from Oakland.

The BART police investigated and found that Hansbury had a pistol grip AR-style rifle hidden in his pants. This caused the police to quickly arrest Hansbury, who was then taken to the Santa Rita jail.

The BART Police Department praised the careful work of their main staff and the quick action of their officers in taking the gun off the train and making sure everyone’s safety. The event shows how important it is to be alert and take action right away to keep public transportation safe.

In a statement, BART PD emphasized their dedication to safety measures, such as installing new fare gates and increasing the number of police officers to help with reaction times. The group is still working on different safety projects to make the BART system a safe and welcoming place to be.

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