Discover the Most Haunted Place in Colorado


Colorado is an amazing state that is full of beautiful natural sights and interesting things to do. But below its beautiful surface lies a darker side full of spooky places, scary stories, and supernatural events.

In Colorado, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is a place that will give you chills if you’re looking for an exciting adventure or a challenge.

Stanley Hotel: History

The Stanley Hotel was built in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley, who also invented the Stanley Steamer car. It was first meant to be a fancy place for the rich to relax. It quickly became popular with famous people, leaders, and royalty. Theodore Roosevelt, John Philip Sousa, and Stephen King were just a few of the famous people who attended.

But this historic haven has a dark past full of sadness, death, and ghostly beings. A lot of bad things have happened at the hotel, from accidents and deaths to murders and fires, and people say that ghosts still roam the halls. Some of the most famous ghosts are:

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  • People often heard Flora Stanley playing the piano in the music room. She was married to the hotel’s founder and lived there.
  • Lord Dunraven was a landlord in the past and is said to have caused trouble in room 407.
  • Elizabeth Wilson is a former maid who was hurt in an explosion in room 217 and is now helping guests with their lights and bags.
  • People have heard ghost children laughing and running in the halls and on the field.
    It was seen that The Phantom Cowboy was in room 428 and sometimes kissed sleeping women.
  • People have seen the Lady in White in the hall. They think it is the ghost of a young bride who died on her wedding day.

The horrifying legacy of The Shining

The Stanley Hotel became well-known as the setting for Stanley Kubrick’s later film version of Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” King’s terrifying experience during his stay at the hotel in 1974 served as inspiration for his well-known piece. According to his own words:

“My three-year-old kid was rushing down the hallways in my dream. He was shouting and staring back over his shoulder with wide eyes. There was a fire hose chasing him. I was rather certain about the book’s structure.

The protagonist of the book is writer Jack Torrance, who works as a caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel. Along with his psychically talented son Danny and wife Wendy, the novel explores issues of addiction, family, lunacy, and loneliness.

Although Kubrick’s 1980 film adaptation received praise for its score, acting, and cinematography, King was not happy with how his story and characters were portrayed. Staying closer to his initial idea, King wrote his screenplay for a TV miniseries in 1997.

Haunted Tours: An Amazing Adventure

If you’re adventurous and want to visit the Stanley Hotel, you can either book a room or join one of the haunted tours. These tours are led by experienced guides who will share interesting information about the hotel’s history, spooky stories, and any evidence of paranormal activity. They have props and memorabilia from “The Shining” and talk about how the film was made.

Tours can vary in terms of duration and level of difficulty.

  • Join us for The Stanley Tour, a 90-minute exploration of the hotel’s fascinating history, unique architecture, and the spirits that reside within its walls.
  • Join us on The Night Spirit Tour, a 75-minute adventure through the most active and spooky areas. We’ll even provide you with ghost-hunting equipment!
  • Introducing the Ghost Adventure Package: This all-inclusive package includes a one-night stay, a thrilling night spirit tour, a souvenir flashlight, and a spooky redrum mug.
  • The Shining Ball is a Halloween event that happens every year. It features a costume contest, live music, dancing, and a screening of the movie “The Shining.”

Because these tours are very popular, they often sell out quickly, so it’s important to book in advance. You can find more information and special deals on the hotel’s website.


The famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is a great example of how Colorado’s beauty hides a scary side. It was built in 1909 and was so fancy that famous people wanted to stay there. But there is a darker story about ghosts that goes along with the glitz.

From Flora Stanley’s “Phantom Melodies” to the famous “Lady in White,” there are many stories about ghosts. Its creepy atmosphere gave Stephen King the idea for “The Shining.”

People who want to be scared go on spooky walks that explore the hotel’s ghostly past, and interested people are drawn to yearly events like the Shining Ball. Explore this spooky history, but don’t wait to book your trip—these trips fill up quickly!

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